Kingdom Hearts 3 is ready, the game will be played soon


It's even a & # 39; awaiting end of end. So at least for Heart Hearts fans.

A few hours ago, at the officer Twitter Kingdom Kingdom Hearts has launched a delightful message. Tecuja Nomura's game leader has confirmed that the KH3 work is complete. In other words, the game is in the "gold" source and so we can look forward to broadcasting it on PS4 and Xbox One. This will be on 29 January 2019, as originally designed. In Japan, the head of the players and the Kingdom Hearts saga will be able to enjoy 25 January.

The Kingdom Hearts 2 was released in 2005. Since then, fans have hoped the sequence and they have been hoping to see it. If you know the scenes about Half-Life 3, this series was similar. Then, 5 years ago, Kingdom Hearts 3 was officially named, and the title was distributed indirectly in the day of publication and other issues. But finally we are here, with a new exhibition that prepares players for a great fight.

At the same time, Nomura encourages fans to go through the previous games again or for their & # 39; the first time and preparing for the big competitions. They went out on PS4 in the Kingdom Hearts – HD 1.5 + 2.5 Revival Remix. The latest title, linked to the KH3, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 was added to the final Chapter Project. The games were out in the United States in one pack with The Story So Far, but in the European Square Square I did not get this title.

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