Kit Harrington refused to deceive Rose Leslie


Kitton Game Star Throne sent out allegations that Russian was a Russian businessman while he was involved in Rose Leslie and after his death; their marriage.

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The star producer declared the allegations as "very real".

Harrington's definition is coming after Olga Vlasova has been able to go. sharing internet casualties she says he was Kit Harrington and slept several times with the star before and after being married to Leslie.

In the pictures, Harrington is a person who looks like a & # 39; sleep on the bed, and next to it, there is a laptop. Vlasova says they met each other in Luxembourg and began to see each other.

Harrington officer refused: "The truths in this story are completely wrong, he never had in Luxembourg and never met Vlassova.

Kit and Rose married Aberdeen in June. Both said they were involved in September 2017. The actress grew up in Aberdeen before moving to London to improve his career. The pair is often found in the eastern part of Scotland.

For a long time, Harrington told L & U, Vogue that Rose had a lovely fall in love. He shared that the best of the "Game Throne" was filmed in Iceland. "Because the country is beautiful, because the glow is a magic north and how I fell in love with it," said Harrington.

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