Klinefelter: the disorder that affects the breeding and fertility of humans


Klinefelter syndrome, no XXY syndrome, is one of the most common genetic problems among men: it is 1 in 576, according to a survey conducted in Denmark in the early 90's with the Airhus Psychiatric Hospital.

The people have 23 pairs of chromosome and the final ones confirm our species. In the case of a woman, it is made of two chromosome (XX) equivalent and, in the case of men, two different chromosome (XY).

Irregular Klinefelter affects the effects of human breeding and fertility.

Men with this syndrome have at least one other X, in most cases; Following to karyotype 47, XXY no, in rare cases, characters such as 48, XXXY or 49, XXXXY. So, the "name syndrome" is the Klinefelter syndrome name.

It also called XXY syndrome to the Klinefelterter syndrome.

One of the main problems of the deficiency in testosterone is, the sexy sex hormone. The corpse of the people is not naturally generated, so many will come in every month from which they find the syndrome.

In many men with Klinefelter, though not, the generations will not get fully developed and living less, preventing testosterone.

One of the main problems of the deficiency in testosterone is.

As a result, the shoes can grow larger than usual and the servant may be delaying or not occurring.

With a small amount of hormone, there is an impact on fertility. If the syndrome is detected early, a problem can be stopped.


In addition, they have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, clots of blood, unthinkable quizzes, chronic cancer, osteoporosis, reusato arthritis and lupus, according to the National Library United States Medical.

"The problem is that many people do not get a judgment," he says. The situation is so well known & # 39; And even some of the people who suffer it do not have to understand them anyway"Diego Yeste, head of the pediatric endocrinology unit of Vall d 'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​said.

Nowadays, Klinefelter syndrome in Spain has been confirmed to be more and more confirmed with amniocentesis, a test that will be done when it is heavy.

Can be found.

A sample of amniotic sound is removed, which will be examined to detect genetic changes like this one. In terms of major immersion in the photocopy, the mother can get hurt in her & # 39; first 22 weeks.

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