Klopp and Ronaldo's revenge return to Madrid within the European League – points


The Premier League's main page against the Liverpool and Manchester City against the German challenge in the last 16 of the European League this week.

At the same time, Juventus will continue to continue Cristiano Ronaldo for his & her; win a competition with three different clubs.

Here, Media Society Sports highlighting some of the main points that speak to; related to the mid games.

Try to seek a European revenge against an expert dispute

Liverpool 's defeat for Real Madrid. Last year's last year's final decisive of the European League for Jurgen Klopp's manager. In 2013, the Borussia Dortmund team suffered on the # 39; hearted when Bayern Munich was fighting at Bundesliga at Wembley after a bad strike from Arjen Robben.

He is willing to destroy a great revenge when the Reds met the German campaigns for the first time since the final UEFA Super Cup 2001, a game played by Bayern Niko Kovac's current. Klopp, who started his career in Mainz, has won nine of his 23 meetings with the Bavarian club, lose 10 and drag four.

The 51-year-old person may be able to access the # 39; turning the boards because Bayern is not currently hitting previous altars under Kovac.

A warrior on four sides

Leroy Sane will return to Schalke with her & # 39; Town.

Leroy Sane will return to Schalke with her & # 39; Town.

It's another big week for Man City because they're again a & # 39; ran after fourteen under Pep Guardiola. At the end, it fell to & # 39; The last two weeks after the winner of the FA Cup Cup in Wigan after the European defeat of Liverpool.

A Wednesday game goes away against Schalke who comes four days before the English campaigns take place; Championship with the Caravan Cup final with Chelsea has gone into FA Cup's final quarter Saturday by impacting on the League Two Newport.

The final draw 16 was reasonably related to the Guardiola team and the Ilkay Gundogan midfielder, who returns to his town in Gelsenkirchen, city ​​as "good wishes". There is also a separate emphasis on Leroy Sane, who started his position with the German club.

Ronaldo will return to Madrid to restore participation

Cristiano Ronaldo won four European League titles with Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo won four European League titles with Real Madrid.

The old Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf is the only one who gets the competition with three different clubs. Ronaldo, who took the cup four times with Real after winning Manchester United in 2008, make sure that this goal has been to Juventus.

To do this he must first influence the old Atletico Madrid challengers, beginning to return to the Spanish capital of Wednesday. Its history has been at & # 39; worry Atletico.

He clarified the marchous decision against them in the football match that decided the European League 2016, after signing up in the 2014 competition – one of 22 goals against the competitions .



Barcelona has embarked on the real Madrid Real Madrid campus in the most recent seasons. The five-hour campaigns believe that their ability to The main coach Ernesto Valverde is currently going to & # 39; turn their tide back, at least short.

Valverde, who is looking at a course for home-to-back home titles, support with one-day contract extension Friday, is being held at a & # 39; Champ Nou until 2020. The Catalan club was just killed twice at this stage of the competition and it is expected that they will come across Lyon's side to fail to go to the # 39; compete with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1.

The French team, who hosted his & her; The first step, which defeated Man City at the level of the organization, but their purpose will not be helped by a & # 39; blocking captain and captain Nabil Fekir.

Nothing is now too close

Video assistants (VAR) have been included in the competition for the breakdown rates. Technology started rapidly on debating the challenging results to reject the Ajax goal against Real Madrid last week.

Initially, he appeared to a small extent on the head of Nicolas Tagliafico until Dusan Tadic was defeated – who was in front of a royal actor, Thibaut Courtois, but did not face him. member – has been shown to be covered into a section and a decision to send a & # 39; play.

VAR is still well at the dental level and is currently in danger to be the main point of expression in any game in which it is used.

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