"Kmt Mesozoic Alliance" strongly attack Ju Ju Zhao Tianlin election campaign 9-a-1 | NOWnews Today News


▲ Special Facebook powder
▲ Facebook special "Kmt Mesozoic Alliance" powdered Chen Ju, Zhao Tianlin's badly badly. (Photography / Powder Review Facebook "Kmt Mesozoic Alliance")

Chen Qilin spokesman Zhao Tianlin, the personal appeal of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Ju's old profile for Facebook's "Kmt Mesozoic Alliance" confirmed. It is cited on Kuomintang to keep up to a minimum of political parties. Do not always Following the dreadful language of Wu Dunyi's party chairman and his & her; preventing democracy and Taiwan elections.

Zhao Tianlin, according to the role of the fan fan, said on the surface as the way to share songs, but in reality he is really sorry to break his / her; former minister, Chen Ju. The name of the song is "Fat Chrysanthemum", and the words are " "Choose a good game of bad game, wild salted rescues, brain full of carcasses, and guys and maidens, so that the people enter it to the home of a cage, a car rescue, a jacket of a game. "It seems that with the unstable words, the personality of Chen Juqian was a bullying, and the ideas of the Kuomintang Chairman" Large Sows "Wu Dunyi were the same.

Zhao Tianlin stressed that, since Wu Dunyi, the chairman of Kuomintang, dismissed that Yu Yu's party petitioner asked "I should be clean and lost" , but the Kuomintang did not seem to be that; trying to "dirty" with a speech of hatred. Zhao Tianlin was the worst conviction about this action of contamination of the democratic system, and again he asked his & her; Kuomintang to go on again to stop Kuomintang's impotent behavior.

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