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Former candidate of Democratic Party, Chen Qimai, set the streets in the Gushan Yancheng team afternoon (21).

Former candidate of Democratic Party, Chen Qimai, set the streets in the Gushan Yancheng team afternoon (21). Photograph: Chen Qimai's office / enterprise offer

The three residences of the nine-one election were held. The applicants have made the final chance to make. Kaohsiung Mayor, Democratic Party, David Chen Qimai, today (21) shot the streets in Gushan and Yancheng, because the Kuomintang Mesozoic League had Facebook fans. The page divides the Chen Ju case as a "clever chrysanthemum heather". Chen Qimai said in a media interview that he believes that the Kuomintang should be convicted and sentenced. Continue to use this uncertain word for personal attacks, and Feeling unhappy for Chen Ju. And he called on the Kuomintang stopping the bad work of the election. Talk to her & # 39; Wei won the night before the election, he thought the Kaohsiung people were very warm and friendly, and they did not think they were; including protection dresses.

Chen Qimai said that Kuomintang should be convicted. With very uncertain words and awful personal attacks, Huama's head feeling very difficult, since Chen Ju put his life forward for Taiwan's democracy and worked hard in Kaohsiung. Having said he was a big stand, and the applicant said that Kaohsiung was old and poor, and asks Kuomintang to stop this difficult election work, he should be convicted. If the Kuomintang does not speak correctly, it should be very passionate to be able to; Huan is worried, and it is very unsuitable to use bad elections in the election at all times.

In addition, the famous article by Lin Xi has published an article in the media, saying "Hong Kong is a Kaohsiung tomorrow", and everyone likes not to # 39 ; voting for South Korea, so that they can not go to pro-communal route, Q Qai said he is not seen, People should give clear ideas to politics. Yu has never explained how he will add up to 5 million in Kaohsiung in ten years. It's not a & # 39; discuss how Kaohsiung will lead fortune and how he will do business. Nothing is explained. This is poor.

When he was talking about pre-election night planning, Q Qai's campaign headquarters said the site was chosen in Fengshan with a target of 200,000 people. With regard to the security case on the site, everyone has a Caring for Chen Qimai to wear tartan is unique for safety. Kaohsiung is a town full of love. He has been living here for a long time. People who are familiar with this place are very warm and friendly, and they do not have these ideas for the time. As to who comes to the stage as well as Zhan Yawen, Chen Qimai said it is not clear.

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