Knight Tran Van Hoang, stole stealing on the Society Street


25 years "story of the galaxy"

After the events of the leader of the Tan Binh leader in Ho Chi Minh City, the robbers attacked the SH horse, causing two knights to die, Tran Van Hoang's head did not break the pain: "There is no injured the person at all. Compared to the loss of two companies having been born with him for many years.

Return after weeks spent in hospital; fight "death", the person with a small group, continuing to do the normal job; driving a motorcycle taxi, beside his wife with street sellers on the street. South Westerly

Talk about life, he decided: "The poor couple from a poor mother in the hospital. He does not grow up well either, from employing jobs to do & # 39 ; hire, carry motor to market.

In his special time, he asks the robbers to hunt the streets. The job is not on any job, or payment, but there are all kinds of dangers. He has been doing so well for 25 years now. Over time, he has found a trace, arrested more than 500 in error.

Remembering her & # 39; His connection to the "knighted street knight" was not so familiar, he said: "Back in the 1990s, when the street was bicycle, robbers were pursued after them. These are the people of Binh Dinh, and so not There is not a lot of weapons that can not give up. I disturb my car to the infestation, I ran hundreds of meters.

The first time he did something he made was very happy. Although the bike was damaged, he had to walk home, he lost money for repairing. "That's fun. Since then I came to a stolen crime when I do not know," knight Huang shares.

I live to die again

It was an amazing night; to Sir Binh's knight, causing bullying online, when two of the five knights threw a motorcycle on the night of May 13.

The knight was also burned. "Baby's eldest child" in coma for several days, the idea "died" was away but he did not expect to return.

The family tried to hide that the two "companions" had died so that he could take care of the wound, but he followed questions about the situation of the brothers in the group that gave her Truong Thi Xi – his wife also tells the truth that you know.

"I heard the news about Nam and Qui who died, but I had said badly. Attempt yourself at that time to do anything to save you. Be more accountable when the body leader is too subjective to unstable, "Hoang grimaced himself.

Knight Tran Van Hoang, carved sculpture on the street - picture 1Knight of Tran Van Hoang Street

Knight Tran Van Hoang (SN 1971, who lived in the Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City) was honored twice in the HCMC "City of Mirrors" program in 2014 and 2018. It's a great deal to move everyone to protect the nation's defense.

He meets him after leaving the hospital, asked me: "Since the day you left the hospital, do you continue the work that is to hunt again? He said: "Yes! A few games already. "

"In fact, it's not as good as that, so most of her still have some of her brothers surrendering," said Knight.

He told your hospital days that he was feeling very tough. Remember to spend the night with the brothers on the road, sharing problems, but hard work hard on the streets because he wanted to get his hospital down.

Look at his scam vision, not a knight but he is surprised what he did on everyone who does not understand what power he has; him to be confident.

He is always proud, without frightening revenge. Many visits to attack and their families because of a "chef" crime, but he said well, bad bad, this world is dark.

His work, he was to make a meaningful sense. He has been an old motorcycle for many years. "The best" horse "is the best of me. I was born with my brother and my brother in the group. Many thieves have fallen at the bottom of this" iron horse ", Hoang, sad.

Many nights leave his wife at home to send her away, his wife Truong Thi Xi will not behave but also extra pests.

Sitting on the truck on Truong Chinh Street (Tan Tan Zone, HCMC), Ms. Xi is sad: "Brothers in the group were very much due to small people, but they were not very fortunate. Meet the robbers what he's rough and behaving dry blood… do not be scared. "

Co-workers also evaluated, with their irresponsible nature, carelessly and without fear that helped to catch a lot of dangerous stealing.

After that, he realized that the concern was dragged into a topic, hindering him when the robbers and his peers paid their money too expensive.

He tells every time that some thieves are decaying, but only for their danger, they "bite them" immediately.

At this time, the knight of Tran Van Hoang has been working to repair Tan Binh's relationship to work safer. "A group does not know crime without knowing, reporting directly to the police to co-ordinate, safe and effective the settlement," said the knight.

Indeed, some still use the knight's title for personal benefit, which influences the knight's reputation. In this regard, leader of the leader of Tan Binh promised not to lose religion in humans, Trying to do a good job with the company to bring peace to the streets.

At the news meeting about the death of Tan Binh's troops on the street, General Phan Anh Minh, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Police said: "The knight of a knight's state if the work is effective, do a lot The meaning of the police, the government and people recognize, has won a prize.

However, according to Major General Minh, not everyone wants to be a knight. Ho Chi Minh Police investigate and write; Complete rules and regulations about this model to enhance the progression of everyone's movement to protect the security of Fatherland at home.

Van Minh

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