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Episode 87 Reed to gliocaideach 21/11 broadcast continues to & # 39; Going around Kiet's triangles (Trung Dung), Han (Thuy Ngan) and Phuc (Thuy Trang).

After a response from a wild response, Han gave a home to Ms. Mai (Artist of Hong Yun People). To cure the marriage, Mai advised her daughter to bring two children into Kiet.

Han took the screen to catch her husband.

Ms. Mai ri Han: "He addresses two children as his life, so you kill Kiet, then how do you miss.

That night, listening to her mother, Huan Miu and Bear to the Kite led. She built a very good plan, taking advantage of Miu's child to Kiet's heart feeling. However, the child has removed her mother's stomach. "I miss it, Dad," she said to me.

It is difficult for Han to be damaged, and & # 39; Killing the child Miu says that three should not come. Kiet knows Han's idea but because of that, he invited 3 mothers to the house. Eventually, Han has a game design for her baby Miu wants to stay in Kiet's sleeping.

Asking if he likes to stay or not, went away and asked him: "Do you say that right?"

Ms. May planning for her daughter.

Unwilling to lose, Han continued with the May; think of another plan. This time, Ms. prepare food for Han to be turned into a woman in her husband's eyes. She did not forget to remind her to buy a little more because the men say it's more interesting.

As planned, pre-prepared food for the mother and waiting for Kiet to eat together. After seeing Han at home, Kiet will avoid and miss her. still lie in the company and so will not go home tonight.

A few days later, Hanan defeated a boy's boy to meet Kiet. Here, her husband's birthday is known to come, she wants to return home to visit three. But Kiet immediately refused.

Although Kiet banned him, Han tried to bring two children down to meet her husband. At Tuan's house, Hanan defeated his mother Puck. Although Kiet explained that he was not deceitful, she told him about her husband. He can not stand against him.

A mischievous feeling, tears all tears; thanking Mr Wang for help. Mr Wang recommends that Kiet be available. Listened to her own words, she began to frighten and regret her.

Linh was happy when Mr Luc gave flowers.

Han shouted and kicked him out. Dad told Dad that she was a & # 39; The day she liked to have lived with her husband, she did not; value his feelings. She says she never gets a good man like Kiet.

Another time Ms. was worried. Linh (Thien Huong) about his position by Hoang (Hoang Anh) with Ms. Bich (Ngan Quynh).

After finding out that his wife had always been in trouble with Linh, uncompromising and unintentional both by meeting and sending them; gives flowers to her lover.

At this time, Ms. Linh said that Luc was his own suggestion. Although he does not have his original duties, he will also move through.

Come home, & # 39; see her wonderful mother a & n; They kept flowers in their hands, they suspected that her mother was pregnant. go back. He did not forget to remind his mother: "If you go on a step, I will not look forward."

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