Kobielsky was guilty of his colleague before Slovakia was full: the Lord with a sad word!


In late October, we wrote that Markizari Session was good to know! big changes are going on. After more than two years, the creatures put the room aside instead of one of the captains, Rob Jakab, and replaced his actor, Vladimir Kobielsky, instead. Later on, the public received information that did not leave a well-known actor volunteer.

KONIEC unexpected on Screen Marks: Long-term forward for goodwill instead of actor!

Today, spectators can see the follower in the show. Well, just at the beginning of his activity in the exhibition, the author continued to offend Juraj Kemka before all of Slovia came. He sat down in the audience of his challenges, and when they asked for help from the joker, he helped them with the Devil. It's just the drive for Vlad.

VIDEO: See how Vladimir Kobielsky invaded Juraj Kemka in Slòcaca

"Martin, who do you choose? I'm thinking about the maker with that definition in the second row, but it seems to have forgotten to give drugs, he does not know anything, " Kobielsky said. In fact, he thought it was funny. Everyone who sees his words is good See yourself in the video above!

Do you think Vladimir Kobielsky in the Math Session to Know! to confirm?

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