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Marian Kočner on the archive image.

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Marian Kočner is still in custody. He resolved the judge on his / her; Special Criminal Court (STS) in Pezinok, Banská Bystrica office. Kočner has been alleged as alleged. television bill case. ŠTS decided on his application on Thursday (November 15), but on Tuesday the intention of the Special Finance Office (CPU) was to be delivered, Jana Tökölyová, a spokesman for UŠP, informed.

"Judge's Resolution for his / her Special Criminal Procedure
a court was delivered today by the Special Finance Office. the order
the judge refused to appeal the defendant Mr K. for his preparation procedure
release his case and he did not get any compensation, even money
warrant, "she said.

According to her, the accused person is arrested,
that it would continue in crime activity of economic nature, as a result
Five taxes have been submitted to date
economic crime.

"The decision will be published by a specialized criminal court just when it is
The court finds that every party has a party; get into the mission
took over, "said lecturer STS Katarína Kudjáková.

Kocner lawyer does not know about the decision

Businessman Martin Pohovej does not have any applicant who already has any information
He resolved, in the case of his / her client's request, being discharged from care. say
with the fact that his or her judge's order was not yet provided for preparation matters
Special Criminal Court (STC). "I can not say or even
to be denied or reinforced, "he said.

Case of mouths

The accused Marian Kocner is arrested in the & # 39; TV Bills for
almost € 70 million. Marian Kocner and Pavel Rusk on the Markíza television
Crime warning for saying that there is violence on equipment and weapons
justice. Private illness is a mouth privacy questioning from the beginning
confusion. He argues that the bills discussed have not been recorded
accounting or accounts of the companies that they receive exchange bills
property before making the illegal requests.

On June 28, the High Court of Slovakia decided on the contractor of the entrepreneur.
Kočner tried to get out of her prison for the second time.

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