Koenigsegg & # 39; with the SAAB vehicle electric maker together with user car


The Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg and the owner of the SHA National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) have established a Swedish logo to establish a strategic partnership for customer car development.

The agreement says NEVS will invest € 150m in Koenigsegg, with a result of 20 per cent. The two companies will create a joint venture – 65% of NEVS will have possession that will give 150 million dollars of start-up and the 35% remaining under the ownership of Koenigsegg.

It is expected that a Swedish supercar maker will be his intellectual property, technology licenses and product design with his partner. The crankshaft engine developed by "FreeValve", a Koenigsegg subsidiary, is likely to be one of these technologies.

"Koenigsegg" is planning to work with NEVS to strengthen its position in the supercar market and its; Developing new materials for new and non-audited departments.

The NEVS partnership, as a 51% of the Evergrande Group, received the SAAB property in 2012. A year later, its company has been restored to & # 39; doing and selling her & her; model SAAB 9-3 in Sweden, but a year after publishing a bankruptcy and lost its SAAB mark. Currently its company has a & # 39; made up of electric vehicles based on "SAAB 9-3", but already with its own brand.

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