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On Koffee Le Karan's Sunday program, filmmaker and Karan Johar's show hospitality, he welcomed the & # 39; His two lively and dad lives Ali Khan and Sara's daughter. The two, who were seen in matching black-haired clothes, & # 39; storm raffle on the show with their talks and pictures.

Karan started the exhibition with one person on changes and son. He was talking about his own father, film director and late producer, Yash Johar. He said that his father loved him equally and always always supported him. Then he sent Sara and Saif on the show.

Once they were & # 39; sitting in the seat, Karan asked Sara if she was sorry to go to her; think this was the first formal introduction; she was released on the entertainment ceremony before her films Simmba and Kedarnath were released. She said she was very enjoyable and weird but she certainly did not appear in her confident confidence.

Karan got the pieces, asking Sarah and Sara about their new family. Sarah is the daughter of Saif from his first marriage with actor Amrita Singh. They talked about how he welcomed her phone and phone; She learns her step Kareena Kapoor in her fights. Sara said her father was hanging her twice after listening to her and, usually, Kareena and her mother were going to hear her. try to calm her.

While he was & # 39; Speaking about her second marriage by her father, Sara informed her after the years. She told Karan that things had never been uncomfortable to them, as all those involved in the relationship dealt with in their best way. "Everyone has been clear about the dynamics with me. He has never been astounded. Kareena himself says that you see your mother and that it's good and what is I want to be able to be friends. "M & # 39; father ever said that this is your second mother or has made any kind of uncomfortable, "she said.

Sara said she is happy that her parents are based on their lives and now two homes are comfortable to go beyond the uncomfortable location. "I would like to cite myself – Kareena and Kareena, her sister and father as if" you would not want to be her husband, "she said.

He also showed how he wrote a note to Amrita the day he married Kareena. "When I was married to Kareena, for some reason, I wrote a note to Amrita saying that this is a new chapter beginning. I wrote we had some history and some good wishes for us I sent it to Kareena to look. I sent it over. Sara said to him and said, "I had to come at least but now, I am going to see it. come with a happy heart. "I think that story brings up the views of everyone involved," he said.

Sara also talked about how her mother Amrita dressed her to go to the Saif and Kareena wedding. "My mother died for my father's marriage. Many people thought Kareena was getting tired or that her mother was getting tired. He was very comfortable. Everyone was so good. He was not a big deal, "she said.

Then, both talk about how to look newly into work as an actor. Since so successful Netflix was a Showing Sacred Games, he says he sees himself a better actor and working on the show and films such as Kalakandi were a good learning experience for him.

He said he had never been worried about films that he did not do well at his box office. Sara said that because her father had created her whole joy from his work and so there was no reason for disappointment.

They also talked about the small power of his half-brother star, Taimur Ali Khan. Karan thought he was two-year-old two-year-old who needed India's paparazzi and Sara said she loved how he was a & # 39; going to the outbuildings outside his home.

Karan showed an old fragment from Sara from when it was very heavier than now. The clip showed that she was giving a death scene with her brother Ibrahim long & The mother made a video of the two. Another person showed that she always sang a song.

Sara showed that she was heavier back because of PCOD and her father also added a "pizza". She applied her hormone as much as her profession and made her do such things. "I had a PCOD and I still do it because of that I've put a lot of stress on it. It was a hormone problem. It made it difficult for me to lose weight and the level of hormone was high," she said.

In the early fire, Deepika Padukone chose as the star from business heat and Alia Bhatt as the best actor. He said that he loved Kareena for his loyalty, and lamenting she is in a position; putting a lot of stress on things and giving up their telephony by phone. Sara said she wanted to marry Ranbir Kapoor and Kartik Aaryan's date and even her. he asked Karan the situation. Sara and Alia and Deepika and her two favorite women in Bollywood chose. Kareena took third place. Sara finished the coffee award.

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First published: Nov 19, 2018 09:10 IST

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