Komárno – Svit analysis: Attraction can be made in punctuation


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The main part of our highest basketball competition has gone into the second season and its last year. at the moment is still copying the last one. At least the two closest challenges.

The Svit Ambition has embraced the new year firmly and secondly. Komárno has been traditionally enshrined, but we know that they are capable of assessing a senior team that plays play and gives the results in one south of Slovakia.

Again, change the coach

Komarňáci started first in the new season to different. Out of the six doubles opening, they only won two and in addition to their domestic illness on Prievidza they did not succeed many in one game. Due to a weaker start of Komárňanov a coach was changed. Vavra Hungarian replaced the well-known and renowned Serbian coach Miljan Curovic, who won the four-quarter title Komárno.

Who would expect the situation in Komárno to change, it would be wrong. Čurych's platform started very badly. Against Zilina, the home team also managed 20 points, but they did not keep the second half. They burned almost even against Handl, they won after the time. The taste was set with a clear influence on Lučenec 109: 70 and the four-time series finished in the Svita home environment, under Tatra under 71:84.

It does not yet pay close movements

Svit is a fascinating wonder of the competition. A young ambitious coach, Michal Madzin, is responsible for a good view of Serbian sender Sasha Avramovich (the second best league championship), supported by adult adult players. Achilles & Svita's decision can be Sacky, because only two Baldov-Galata are played regularly, who are mountain players.

Slow circulation may occur later in the season, but still works in the Svite. Four players seeking average two-dimensional points, Andrew Guillory will be very impressive; make a game. Traders are strong at home. Out of the five games they were only lost inside, and blocked the Levies. They are in the table at their side, but the game is shifted to the second place.

As the ordinary people see

Komárno - Svit.

Komárno – Svit.

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What we recommend tipping

Komárno – Svit X
Winner of game 1
Additional points number (159.5)

Komarno is better with them when he plays at home and his / her; influencing Lučenec to help him. However, those who do not frighten can try to draw that is not completely science fiction. The home team was twice aired this season and extended for many years. Both teams are tired, so we should see a baskets attack based on trots and aggressive sub-hockey.



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