Kopitar rescued by King's master


In the NHL league, six games were played Saturday night, with just one ending in regular work.


King Los Angeles

He won the game with 2: 1

Chicago Blackhawks,

and a meeting was decided by the Soviet star in criminal hunters

Anže Kopitar.

Captain King showed a real master when the passage was interrupted between the inconsistent defensive legs of the wooden net

Corey Crawford.

Hospitality of their behavior

Calvin Petersen

He saved 34 scenes, he stopped the effort in the penalties

Toews Birds


Patricka Kana,

For the guests from Los Angeles, Russia was successful

Ilja Kovalchuk

and then Kopitar.

Tyler Tofoli

in the middle of the second part of the King led the leadership, and in the third minute of the last third he led the command

Brandon Saad.

Petersen's nightmare hero who was 24 years old; old, and enjoyed his first advantages in his & her; a prestigious United League Hall, when he was not a second game in the NHL, he replaced his illness

Petra Budaja,

But the kings stopped the black row of three losses.

"This is the best feeling of the world. Indeed, the men are fighting for me, this is very special. This may be the most fun game of hockey in life,"

full of the feelings of Petersen, played in the lowland this year. When he was a teenager, he played for the young Americans of Chicago, and will be remembered for this effect. Petersen has a good performance to think about; think the King's Orchestra can call after a lame damage without two visitors

Jonathan Quicka


Jack Campbell.

The Kings continue to go to the last place in the # 39; league, with the worst statistical benefit and only 13 points in the 18 matches. The main Toronto at the top of the 28 points menu.

It was a decision; between two former NHL campaigners. Chicago Cup of Stanley won the final end of 2014/15, and kings at the top of Olimpa's hockey club were too seasonal. Even Chicago did not make the best use of the season and it is in the & # 39; The lowest part of the Western Conference board, with six more points than the last Los Angeles. In the evening, the King is waiting to visit Nashville, the top team of the West Conference and team with the second best of the season.

Anže kopitar los angeles kings



Copy completely at the bottom

Current NHL campaigners

Washington Priorities

they celebrated at the guests at

Avalanche Colorado

after expanding with 3: 2, with a hugely hug

Nicklasa Bäckströma.

But nothing is successful


who went through the season to the finals and their battles for the Stanley Cup, went to the hands of the Prestolonians, and this season is better than Los Angeles. The golden knights lost from the home of sin against the home

Advertise with Louis Blues

with 1: 4.

NHL, results:

Chicago Blackhawks –

Kings 1: 2

Anže Kopitar was issued in punishing, 23 minutes, 1 designed by the LA.


– Boston Bruins

1: 0 *

Winnipeg Jets –

Buffalo saves 1: 2 **

Avalanche Colorado –

Washington 2: 3 *

Vegas Golden Knights –

Advertise with Louis Blues 1: 4

Anaheim Ducks –

Toronto Maple Leafs 1: 2 *


– after extension


– after penalties

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