Korea, Yu, said the Hong Kong Jockey Club "actively cares about Kaohsiung horse". Ma Hui published a statement: it was not debated at any time by Kaohsiung City Government (23:12) – 20190218 – Cross-Strait – Instant News


The Hong Kong Jockey Club also commented in the fact that he did not participate in a & # 39; assessing the needs of land, space and facilities designated by South Korea, as well as describing partnership and any development work that had previously been played by Jockey Club in the Kaohsiung horse race, and the ideas they are supply or possibility. This does not mean the horse club.

This is the first time that the Hong Kong Jockey Club is relayed which is the first time. Kaohsiung and Korea City Government news clarifies the "Hong Kong Jockey Club" meeting with Kaohsiung officials. The old director of Hong Kong Jockey Club, Lin Yixuan and others met government staff in Yuga and Kaohsiung City on 30th of the month. The Kaohsiung City Government's original aircraft showed that the Hong Kong Jockey Association met the one-day afternoon town. Kaohsiung Pan Hengxu Tourism Director also said the "Hong Kong Jockey Club" had been said to be rich. At 6: 53pm on the same night, the Jockey Club "greatly enhanced" and did not put any producer to meet any Kaohsiung officers. Kaohsiung Information Bureau said that "the statement was not enough." The official government official website published at 7:00 p, saying that Lin Yixuan and others "was a former member of the Hong Kong Club Jockey."

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