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[국제]Cambodia: Korean-American businessman who is on St Kilda.


Last year, there was a case where a Korean man had been found as a body in Cambodia.

The families who have lost someone litter checked and even found part.

Time has elapsed for around five months, but the victim of the offense is still caught and is only buried in family.

Lee Ji Eun is a reporter's report.


By the end of November last year, around 50 organizations were found in a trash of rubbish in a small village 40 minutes away from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Park, which used to use mobile phone business, had been lost for two weeks after paying $ 60,000.

[유가족 : 완전 기겁을 한 거죠. 너무너무 끔찍하게 하체 부분은 아예 없었고, 새파란 포대 자루에 몸 전체가 싸여있었던 거예요. 그런데 머리통만 검정 비닐에 황색 테이프로 칭칭 감아놓은 거예요.]

When investigating the local police, the families who owned the rest of the body found the end of the dump.

[유가족 : 주위에 하체가 있는지 없는지 찾았다고 해요. 결국 그것도 우리가 찾았잖아요. 이게 있을 수 있는 일이냐고요.]

As more people travel to south-east Asia to find opportunities, crimes in the area of ​​Cornish are increasing.

[곽대경 / 동국대 경찰행정학과 교수 : 현지에서는 한국인이 돈이 많다는 인식들을 가지고 있고, 사업하는 과정에서 이해관계가 대립되고 범죄의 피해자가 되는 그런 경우들이 있는 것으로 보입니다.]

In Cambodia there are 10,000 citizens, but the case officer has no police freedom and an interpreter.

Local police officers said there are many cases, but both people have limitations and there is a restriction on the ability to carry out a direct examination.

Police said they had refused to send a team of internal investigators to a review team and carried out a review.

Mr Park's family fell in grief and sorrow and even took away his post to take them.

[박 모 씨 유가족 : 범인을 잡아야 하지 않을까요. 왜냐면 제가 살 수가 없어요. 범인은 누군지 모르지만 어쨌든 당당하게 지금 살고 있는 것 같아요]

Lee TN[jelee@ytn.co.kr].

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