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[국제]I do not know what i'm going to; expectations.


US central bank chairman Jerome Powell said that he is not in a policy situation to change mental rates when the US economy declines.

It is the idea that a & # 39; recommends that the rate of coaxination rate may be frozen, and the outcome of the regular meeting of the week will be noted.

Cho Soo-hyun.


Chairman of the Jerome Powell Territorial Response at Stanford University spoke about ten days before interest interest repetition.

The global economy has been slower over the last six months, he said.

The risk at risk from the US economy has increased because the UK is experiencing withdraw from the EU, the regional problem caused by its brake copy and US warfare.

Powell said, however, that the Deer had no warning signal to change the current rate rate pattern.

I just did not need a policy response, so I chose to take a patience approach.

It is defined as confirming & # 39; theory settlement rate & # 39; basic rate.

Powell said that the average level of 2.25 to 2.50 per cent is often within the neutral range.

It is the best possible level to grow growth; inflammation of inflation,

It also means there is no room for more opportunities in the future.

[제롬 파월/ 美 연방준비제도 의장 (지난 1월 기준금리 동결 발표 당시) : 전통적으로 금리 인상은 저금리가 오래되고, 인플레이션이 높을 때 발생하는 위험에서 경제를 보호하기 위한 것입니다. 지난 몇 달 동안 그 위험은 줄어든 것으로 보입니다.]

A FOMC meeting, which will be held for two days starting on March 19, The basic level is frozen.

Earlier of the day, the Scottish Army Reserve stated that it would stop its official top-grade for the first time since 2015, when it declared a flat rate in January.

YTN and Cho Soohyun are.

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