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[단독] MS Autotech to acquire GM GM plant in Korea

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– There is a partnership at MS Autotech with one home company to attract European investment
– Completion of car representation and export planning … Employment successions for GM GM in Korea

Domestic car sign MS Autotech (123040)It seems the Kunsan GM plant will be able to purchase. MS Autotech aims to produce the plants Guns as a basis for their cars after they've received investment from a European car maker.

According to financial industry representative (IB) on 28 March, MS Autotech agreed to secure General Motors (GM) and Gunsan plan by partnering with a domestic part-time company. MS Autotech Consortium and GM are planning to sign MOU about their contract as soon as possible.

Gunsan closed up Korea's gasntics on May last year. / Narrator Jin Sang-hoon

MS Autotech is a car company established in 1982 Hyundai Motor (005380)Of the total. The module module, floor model, frame and other parts of the body are made and delivered to Hyundai. Since last year, we have been delivering the hot parts with Tesla, an American car manufacturer.

MS Autotech is recognized as the first partner company owned by Hyundai Motors in the car industry. Lee founder Yong-Sup is head of Hyundai Motor and his eldest son, Lee Tae-gyu, has also been working for the home sales department of Hyundai Motor and the car design team.

According to IB business officer, the MS Autotech Consortium recently concluded that it would get a garden Without getting investment from a European producer. The MS Autotech Consortium is designed to contract the offspring and export of a finished car by using Gunnan plant facilities. He currently intends to use different aspects including electric cars.

The Korean GM Gunner plant was closed in May after GM restructuring. Before they closed, the gun took Guns little cruise and Orlando minivan on.

When the MS OTEC purchase of the guns is completed, all GM production workers with work here will also find new jobs. According to the motor industry, MS Autotech Consortium was selected as the winner on the condition that a factory employer would succeed in the Guns factory.

After the closure of Gunsan's factory last year, around 1,000 staff left the company, but about 600 people stayed. These included 200 movements to other factories such as Bupyeong and Changwon, and a further 400 were waiting to be re-located to unpaid leave for nearly a year.

At the time the Gun gun closed, GM Labor's Labor leader and the 2,200,000-strong union union each paid for unpaid leave for 24 months after 6 months of subsidy. T government. The company has won 1,125,000 monthly salaries for employees since December last year, but unworked workers in the Gunns lost their daily lives as a result of delays in paying unions. cost control issues.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to work again in the car industry after a new buyer is selected earlier than expected," said Park. I also like it. "

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