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[사설] & # 39; Abolition of sanctions against North Korea, & # 39; Chin-il,

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In his memory to the 100th anniversary of the 31st March, Jae-in's moon set out his dedication to President Roh Moo-hyun "willing to talk with North Corra and his positive attitude," he said . The whole population is the sea. pledges that the Northern Criminal nuclear nuclear fracture has been completely abolished and North Korea's corruption has been raised by the conflict between the US and the north. But he was the last two speeches with the SA-North confirmation that North Korea is not really realistic and the United States does not expect to mediate with North Corra like that. Mr Moon's sense of situation is far from truth.

In this situation, President Moon said, "We will be consulting with the United States on tourism in Kumgang and restarting the Kaesong Computing." The second conference of US-North Korean collections broke down due to its barriers to North Korea. The goals of Kim Jong Eun to date have shown prominence. It will become a nuclear power while it's going to be; engage in the network of sanctions through defenses. Do you think that Mr Moon will be a? makes nuclear power to North Korea?

When Kim Jong Eun met Trump and said, "I do not have time," it means that the sanctions are tough. Prior to the sanctions, North Corridor won more than $ 1 billion per annum (around 1 trillion won) in the export of miners such as coal. Last year this income was & # 39; 0 & # 39 ;. If the current level of sanctions has been sustained for a few years, Kim Jong – a man might think that the system could fall down with nuclear weapons. The time is to reconcile the nuclear shutdown.

Moon President said, "Even now, our society has been converted by the color that is converted into society." "Representative representative of pro-Japan representative produces" red "and" color "that we should quickly set up. What's in & # 39 ; Rice Ron has a 100-year virtual day from March 1? The country and the people compete in the 21st century world.

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