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[사회][현장영상] Kim Hak-kyou's case

The high-profile team re-claiming Kim Hak-soo, a former deputy justice minister, was a team of around 50 people, and the former chief executive was commissioning the Procurator's Office. East Seoul District, owned offices. Let's hear about Yong Hwan Sup.

Although Reporter> Thank you for your letter.
◆ I check by the principal of Yoo Hwan-seop / “case Kim Hak-in & 39” (later Yoo Hwan-seop)> and I'll make sure the results are displayed to the without any doubt.

Although Reporter> Are you also investigating sexual crime?
◆ Yoo, Hwan-seop> We're now reviewing the table, and after reviewing the record, we'll find the range and target of the inspection.

Although Reporter> Again, what do you think of the prosecution's investigation into judicial balance?
◆ Kyoung-Sup: At the moment, I will tell you that I will audit the principle.

What did you do at the weekend?
◆ Kyoung-Sup> We have reviewed the tables and worked on them to a great extent.

Reporter> Is the investigation ready for the inspection team? How big is the inspection team?
◆ Kwon Sup> Most research teams have organized, but it is difficult to identify their members. I will clarify it later.

> Reporter> There is a controversy over the president's exam this time.
I know the difficult part of the judges that should be reviewed. We will review it adequately. I'll be finished.

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