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[사회]Yoo Hyung Ju drink shop


Police officers found a drinker at a bar in the hotel, founding an owner of the prostitution in the hotel above the building.

They used a range of strategies to prevent police.

It is recited by reporter Kim Dae-yeon.


The car comes in front of the page which says “Hotel entrance”.

Four men and women are walking together from the car into the door.

I drank alcohol at a nightclub and found a hotel near the hotel with a worker guide about prostitution.

[호텔 관계자 : (성매매 장소를 제공한 건 맞습니까?) 모르겠어요. 말씀드릴 수가 없어요.]

The inn and the hotel were an interesting junction.

There are many inns and hotels in the same building.

Instruct staff at the Underground Yaozu to lay guests in the hotel just above and organize prostitution.

The police took 47 people including businessmen, hotel staff and men who were buying sex.

A monthly 1 billion allowance is earned in sale along with the cost of alcohol and entertainment at one alcohol center in Gangnam, which has the largest size.

We did not pay for the police on the same day, but after that we received a bank account.

[배영찬 / 서울지방경찰청 풍속단속 계장 : 성매매 대금을 당일 결제하지 않고 차후에 영업부장들의 계좌로 송금하는 형식의 영업 형태를 취했습니다.]

In addition, there are some areas where strict membership is run, such as reserved for regular customers.

The police will continue to investigate illegal income by notifying the Costs Service of the company that owns the business.

YTN Kim Dae-yeon[].

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