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[정치]Kim Jong Eun from North Korea said, “We need to take a new strategic direction on our own.


North Korea held a Labor Party lead in front of the people's assembly to announce the announcement of the Kim Jong-un 2 system.

Chair Kim Jong-one ordered him to renew his focus on economic growth, but he did not expect the guidelines to change suddenly in the breakdown of the Hanoi lectures.

Kim Ji-sun reports report.


Kim Jong Eun, the second session of the 2nd People's Assembly,

Chair Kim Jung Eun, who led directly to the meeting, emphasized the importance of economic regeneration through self-regeneration.

The Chair Kim stressed the need to continue in the party's new strategic line responding to the tight climate and the spirit of self-recovery and challenging struggle.

The new strategic direction is defined as “a dire route to economic growth” undertaken for the significant nuclear and economic movement routes last year.

[백태현 / 통일부 대변인 : 저희도 작년의 새로운 전략 노선, 경제 건설 총력 집중 노선을 관철하는 기조가 유지되는 것으로 보고 있고요.]

The framework policy framework remained in place, but was also expected to change tactics.

Today, the party's main committee announced that they decide what direction it is, according to current circumstances, and new ways of working.

It is expected that the five-year strategy for economic development will be strict by the following year, but it is likely that there will be measures to address North Korea's failure to put the controls in place for the North Korea twice t .

[신범철 / 아산정책연구원 안보통일센터장 : 하노이 정상회담 결렬 이후에는 그것을(자력갱생) 더욱 강조하는 모습을 보이고 있거든요, 현재 미국과의 관계가 악화되는 상황에서 자력갱생을 더더욱 강조하는 것이 김 위원장의 전략 방향이다, 그렇게 평가합니다.]

Despite the breakdown of Hanoi's speeches, Kim didn't mention directly to the USA or North Korea.

Also, Kim Young-guy, vice-chairman of the Korea-US Labor Party, and Li Lieutenant, foreign ministers, who have led the negotiation between the USA and Korea.


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