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Q. I have a lumbar surgeon. What should I do if I need to strengthen my low muscles?

Loyal things

A. There is no dental therapy, such as discarded plants, treated by surgery. In other words, you must maintain your stability by surgical operation.
There is also a chance to re-broadcast pain. There is good movement at the center
From now on, you should keep up a good working relationship and practices on your middle and avoiding bad posture and customs around your waist.

First, by “Moving the Mackenzie Temple,” re-invigorates a spirit of lumbar spirits, and uses it to breathe back into everyday life.
If these two are well trained, you can practice to reinforce the main themes, but you don't have to hurry.

If there is no other disease other than the middle-blood, and their breathing breaths have become familiar? More than 2 hours a week walking, swimming, cycling along and aerobics exercise t
You should do more than once a week.
However, correct behavior is not maintained,
In the state, too much exercise is better prevention.
Avoid any back pain or stiff in foot at or after exercise time, t
It is recommended that you get medical treatment from the rehabilitation department, orthopedic, and neurosurgeon.

Assistance: Dr Jae Ho Kim (rehabilitation expert) t

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