7 days ago "A wise and correct woman is a precious marriage."

Comedian Lee Ji-jin will marry a lover who was billeted for 7 years.

On the 14th, Lee Jong-jin will marry a group of famed lovers, A, at a gathering place in Seoul. Last month, Lee Jung-jin told his NHS, "Thank you for congratulations, I will live happily."
The marriage ceremony is expected to be held in private by Lee Ji-jin for the valuable bride. He says that he is faithful to the girl he loves, saying, "I am a wise man and a man."

On the suggestion, Lee said, "My lover came to visit her house and said she had flour at her birthday and she suddenly said," Let's never get married. " "I was sorry to keep it waiting and I laugh and laugh.

He made his first ever visit with 7 SBS bands in 2003, and has been active in an SBS event asking people to laugh & smile; and 'Comedy Big League'.

(SBS funE Kang Kyung Yun)

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