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Actor Park Policing Han-five … Yoon Moo-kyung and golf meeting # 39;

After three hours of study, it will … At present, capture the items relating to meetings such as a golf payer.
Joon-young is accused of illegally shooting and spreading, t

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Police examine charges between entertainers and police, including Lee Ki-chang, journalist Jung Rae-winning (Big Bang) and Lee Seung-hyun (29). Park Han-five (35) t

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Group which is investigating the event said that Park had been named as an information contact at 7am and would return following a 3 hour inquiry.

Her father, Glass Holdings, Yoon Seok-suk, and the Choi Jong-hoon (29) at Eilean FT were reported to have played at the playing field at the beginning of last year.

Police have reported the details of a Park, how it was made, and who paid to prove the money.

Yoon Sung-kyung, who came to him was called the chief's; in the talk room KakaoTalk with winners, to the restaurant 'Monkey Museum & # 39; in July 2016, Police officers are checking the inquiry.

The police are targeting whether or not the Yoo representative has benefited from the demand for case through Yun Gong-kyung, and whether there are any money he paid back.

Gangnam-suck replied that they were selling a seller who was responsible for a monkey Museum, but he also suspects that he was exploring the issue by applying other provisions. T the representative may not be punished. t The police are currently reporting the case against the case inspector.

Police are currently reviewing a response to Kim with the charges that Kim, Kim Jong-kyung, Kim's wife, who works in Malaysian resident, has received a J-pop concert ticket from Jong. -hoon.

Police are investigating suspicions of placing Jung Jun-young (30) in arrest, which has been arrested for the 21st century video costs filming the woman illegally t and uploaded to cacao's chat room.

Jung has accused the spread of suspicious sex videos of victims and illicit representatives.

The police believe that sufficient scrutiny is necessary to investigate all suspects, as the police keep up the police and the number of people suffering serious crime. T Legal aid associated with Jeong receives 10 people. The police are hoping to send Chung to the trial of the 29th.

One of the three mobile phones sent to police by police was confirmed as having been started in the factory. In response, police said to Chung that he did not know what happened after his phone was issued.

The police say they may have further evidence of the crime on a mobile phone, and will check the time the cell phone is used and the time it has been re-set.

In addition the police will check the details of a suspected Japanese business case and representative Yu, t

The police are considering whether the impact will be possible although the victim has previously photographed a police officer uploading in his social network service (NHS) with a name and a nickname.

Continuing an interview with some media, "he borrowed through a rent company at a Halloween party in 2014," he said. However, even though the sufferer would wear the party's uniform, police are looking at the laws relating to ascertaining the exact status for uniform. may not be subject to the Police Police and Police Equipment Regulations 」.

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