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At the heart of her garlic & work; to profit from their effectiveness?

[리얼푸드=고승희 기자] Garlic is a particularly good food for Koreans.

According to the 2012 FAO statistics, Korea is the world's third best producer after China and India. The work of their manufacture is also very large. In 2000 each citizen was spending 9.2 kg of sting for a year. In fact, the rate of spend in recent years has been falling in recent years as the frequency of eating and decreasing use of kimchi has declined. In 2017, it fell to 6.2 ㎏ (Korea Rural Economy Institute), 2018 Agricultural Survey, 2018). Even so, treating Christ in Korea is significantly higher than other countries.

■ The basis of gardenwork 'Alicin & 39';

Rough rock contains around 400 species of fertilizer. Rocky covers around 60% of moisture and 3% of protein. All the essential amino acids are present, and the ratio of lobster, histidine and lysine is higher than cereals. The sugar is about 35 ~ 45Bx, which is twice as high as a banana and three times as thick as a watermelon. The carbohydrate content is as high as about 32%.

The reason why it is not felt that food has been exhausted is good because of its flavor and spices. The main flavor of rocky flavor and aroma is a taste of sulfur that is at the heart of active heart. This material is marked by the use of change of religion. Alliin, which is a stable material, has been converted to allicin in the process of rotting and has a strong smell.

Garlic is also called a vasoconstrictor on a body. This is because depopulation reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A NEW JOURNAL in the American Journal of Nutrition will reduce garlic imports to reduce blood and diastolic pressure, and to increase macrophage, T-cell cells, and B cell result, and will have immunomodulatory effect.

Being stopped by stopping breast cancer is also affected. In the international journal 'Nutrition and Cancer', the higher the rate of garlic, the lower the incidence of gastric cancer. If garlic per capita is more than 1.5 kg a year, it is still high intake. For days, he meets 4g of a boy and simulates a typical size of religion.

Diabetes is also effective in blocking. Korean Nutrition Society studies have shown that carpet powder consumption is reducing glucose in blood (Glucose Blood Fasting).

■ To save the effectiveness of the sculpture … eaten raw, leave it for a few minutes after it is beaten

In order for Alliin, a component of sulfur-protrite in cremation, to display different operations, an enzyme called Allinase, which is just below garlic broth, must be executed. This is because allicin, a good part of our body, is made.

When raw crude is used, the allysine is naturally applied, and allysine is made, but when the clay is heated, allysase enzyme is destroyed and the allyal can not be altered to allysine. Working reduction with Alicin.

Even if you are eating garlic by heating it, you can leave garlic for a few minutes after cutting or throwing garlic to reduce metabolism and wait for alicin. naturalist activities.

If you need to cook a cook, it's a good way to get a good effect on your predation. It is also a means of reducing algae loss due to heat by cooking on a garlic rather than cooking wholemeal.

Allysine is not cooked, but is instead full of other skeletons and azoenes. Especially when heated above 60 ℃, the common azo will be increased compared to new garlic, promoting waste disposal and enabling metabolism.

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