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Boat announces USB Memory Memorabilia for two new PC Mini ECS

Boat has designated a special event for customers to buy two new ECS LIVA computers in 2019.

This event is for buyers who purchase PC LIVA Z2 and Q2 ECS Mini, and they will A USB memory display that supports USB Type C and USB 3.1 for all who have a & # 39; buying two small ECS LIVA computers. Also, those who meet the correct answer to their query related to ECS LIVA Z2, give a special prize.

The ECS LIVA Z2 is a small Intel-Core mobile compiler, offering up to 2.40GHz and 4GB of memory. With the integrated graphics of Intel UHD 600, you can play the best 4K video at any time, anywhere, and support the HDMI 2.0 output for video scratch on a large screen or TV screen.

The ECS LIVA Q2 provides a small multi-sized environment with up to 2.6GHz, Intel processes and 4GB of memory, length & # 39; It offers a 70m small footprint. Supporting an HDMI-CEC role, and when used with a consistent display, it can control Q2 and simultaneously display with one remote control. In addition, there is a USB 3.1 Gen1 port and micro SD slot support, you can use a variety of peripherals.

The event runs through 29 January 2019 and will be available through a PC collection venue. More information about this event can be found on the official website of the official COW website.

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