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"Body in a bucket" from an alcohol … The truth in five years

A strange woman's case in her twenties had been living with her body for five years after qualifying the woman.

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Busan is a house. The police are on the second floor and are touching the rubber buck.

A, 21, was found dead in a bottle of water when he was lost in 2014.

The body was mixed with cement and soil.

An incident buried for five years will be arranged at a very rapid pace with a report from the police.

One of the acquaintances of the suspect heard that the body was in a bottle of water for a drinking group.

Police were questioned with suspects within 40 hours of recording them.

He was arrested for a charge of murder and about corpses, including B which was 28 years old and for his husband C.

The victim died after complaint B, who was following their sister-in-law, came to Pusan ​​and was suspected of being with her husband and eventually they were killed with them.

[박승철/부산 남부경찰서 형사과장 : (전 남편과) 불륜적인 장면을 보고서 굉장히 화가 나 있었고, 피해자가 얹혀살게 되면서 감정적으로 갈등이 많이 생겼던 것 같습니다.]

Mr and Mrs B moved the body that was hidden in the mobile bag to the water bucket, and there was a great space in which to stay with the body moving.

The police will identify the cause of their death with an autopsy and continue to investigate the same reason.

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