Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 New season content & Operation vs. Attack & # 39; added.

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Major significant updates and Call of Duty community events on Call of Duty® (Black Ops 4). This week's content, with the title Operation Grand Heist, incorporates new experts, two new multi-player maps, new areas where you can play within the Blackout map, collections and tools personalized, new transport modes, new game modes, and new games available through the game, and begins today with PlayStation® 4, and will be extended to each platform, and including PCs.

Dan Bunting, Co-Stiùidio, Treyarch, co-founder of Arc Training, said "I look forward to seeing a lot of fans joining us in A huge collection of stole. We have a theme of this season, which shows the fraudulent campaigns in the style of the 1970s, with a multipurpose business and multi-player with quicker speed action, and Every new Zombies experience to come in March. I like things, "he said.

"One of the exciting activities in a development studio is to recommend the way to play a new game in the community," said Mark Gordon, Co-CEO, Treyarch. Since that time when the Black Ops 4 was released, we decided to continue to support the game for a long time. This is why we include several new ways in which players can know each method in which they can; game and they will always try to give fans new ideas to come back to their game. "

Operational & & # 39; Submit the following free of charge.

New Specialist – a new specialist director for a multi-player and blackout on Black Ops will appear. 4. The older ones can use the Sparrow that is older; It runs all the time, which has a tight, straightforward but vibrant power to attract the enemies.

Black Division and the New Black News – Ghost Town, the most difficult and difficult way, appears as a new black division, driving players to new points. The lower floor of a ghost town, both above ground and underground, is inspired by its presence; class Black Ops 2 classical multi-class class map, which provides a vital insight into the strategic position in the middle of a large square battle. In the lower floor there is another cave inspired by Buried, another classical zombie map. Various players can get heavy weapons by exploring a zombie group tree tree in a cave.

In addition, the new Teth Teann approach has been delivered at Operation Robbery. In the Hot Pursuit, which appears at an early speed that can not be sold in detail, there are three new modes of transport to & # 39; features: SUVs, fierce cars, and PBR (river patrol) It is anticipated that it will be useful for detecting and detecting supplies with advanced weapons and weapons that are necessary to suppress enemies. A Teth Referral method will be extended to every platform that starts from PlayStation 4 on February 23.

 Black New Market Equipment – The Black Market is also made up of new camouflages, uniforms, handbags and offer devices that show the subject of the attack. This can be achieved by solving the smuggling rod as players play; going through the game, including Rampage Auto Shotgun, Switchblade X9 SMG, and ordering the knockdown of Home Wrecker. What are included. A new machine, Rifle Vendetta Sniper, will also be added during the season.

New zombie modes – Global based and Gauntlet-based challenge mode in map & # 39; Classifieds &, and invader of a player within the effective field, and The devastation is greatly increased, and new elements such as Ethereal Razor will be released with robbers.

In addition to free content, players who purchase Pass Black Ops can enjoy the additional Black OpsPass content: It also added to the first PlayStation 4.

 New multi-game & Casino Map & # 39; – A tidy plan of special organizations to grab racing cars a semi-detached on a map in an incredible herbal casino back in Monaco. In a casino map, a battles will be tense to & # 39; take place between the slot machines and drag it through the play sets. In particular, due to the open space range, it is easy to open to the enemy through the heavy battle.

• Lockups, a moderate online map – a moderate map of Los Angeles Police Station, Lockup shows a bad bad attack that will be held to avoid avoidance of & # 39 ; reveals the home of a violent group. Players can sit on the roof of the house to overcome the opponent, to escape if they are carried, and blocking the automobile doorstep.

• Cosmic Silverback, a new character in black-haired – Players who bought Pass Black Ops are able to play the game of Call of Duty: Black Ops & Dead Ops & # 39; You can find the deadly zombie deadly gorilla, which has emerged as the main character of the "Dead Ops Arcade".

In addition, there will be a completely new Zombie experience, & Ancient Evil, also available for Black Ops Pass merchants in March, with more information coming later. Pass Black Ops is included in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Digital Deluxe Edition and can be purchased separately.

In addition, the "Confidential" zombie map, previously available for players who bought the pass as part of the Pass Black Ops, was sold separately for all players to buy. On map & # 39; Confidentiality, where characters & # 39; Ultimate & # 39; appears, you can go to Pentagon to Pentagon to explore the area and battle with zombies to enjoy the competition show to live in the landscape.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC programs are divided into two levels in Korea, aged 15 years and young people are not available, user age is automatically authenticated when they reach their game. More information and news updates are available on the official website, official YouTube YouTube YouTube channel, and Naver Post.

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