Confirmation of `Leuk Leukemia '

Professor Song Ji-joon of KAIST "Identification of a DNA-histone binding process"

A team of Korean scientists identified a process that could continue to support the management of mixed leukemia.

The Research Foundation (KAIST) Song Ji-joon and colleagues in the Korea Science and Technology Directorate (KAIST) are on the principle of the haploid genetic code of vacuuming factors and the separation of the DNA DNA structure. T – history.

Leukemia is mixed in the form of both myeloid leukemia and lymphoid which are infertile and has a high degree of recurrence.

In particular, the level of treatment for children is low.

The protocol is known as' DOT1L & # 39; perhaps by being generated by gene.

Because of this research has managed to prevent DOT1L from being active.

However, the project itself is not well understood and it is difficult to progress one additional step.

Search Professor Song as the DOT1L prints affect their DNA structure following analysis.

First, we created the nucleosome computer, the smallest unit of DOM1L and gin.

I looked into this complex structure with a cross-electron microscope.

These results show that the DOT1L prints connect to ancient histories and create a neutral DNA / histone structure.

Ubiquitin is a small molecule that supports protein that has come to its end.

Our body acts as the flag in the process of breaking up proteins for new proteins.

DOT1L is linked to histories that are re-cycling by using amino resins.

The DNA then separates from the histories and the genes are becoming unstable around the world.

Professor Song Ji-joon said, "We have been given a fresh estimate that the genetic structure has been altered by DOT1L," he said.

The research was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Foundation Research Korea.

The paper on the achievements was published in the international journal 'Genes & Development & # 39; on the 29th of January.

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