'Deaconess of the Unity'; Gang, Hyeong-wook "Leo from the difficult situation, as hard as it came to me"

Kang Hyeong-wook was at a preparatory ceremony for an old friend.

On 31 December Deaconess of Deacon, the connection between Kang Hyung-wook and his old friend Leo was published.

"It's been a long time since I've been in financial trouble and so I had to break up with Leo, and now I am getting better, I am going to get Leo back , said he. "He said.

"Leo is a friend who has passed my previous training, a friend who is familiar with the past, and who is already a superstar." Leo's story was published.

Before his retirement he met Leo again. Looking at the older Leo, Gang could not hide his heart.

After that he saw Leo's last training. Meanwhile, Leo, who worked for the CSI, was trained to find the man who needed the mountains. And Leo, who was training to find the Hyeong-wook Gang, stood in front of Kang Hyung-wook and was very tearful. I jumped up in the mountains and went to the articles when I was training. But, Leo found him safely. "I felt Leo had a sad time coming to me," said Gang.

Prior to appointment, Leo allowed the last health review. Fortunately, all the results were good. However, it did appear that bone bits were formed on the back and back of the bone. The physician said, "There is no big pain, but it can be hard if you do heavy exercise or get up and down a stairs.

And Leo's career was kept. To celebrate Leo, who has been suffering for a long period of 8 years, the police co-operation and Hyeong-wook Gang were held. The retirement service began and Leo and his companion, Kim Do-hyung, started.

Leo's success has been published. Leo has some role in identifying the body even in the case of Gangjin High School girl. Leo, who became the first missionary to discover a body, has researched the missing people and a criminal investigation through 147 messages in total and 315 days. Leo drew particular attention to achieving the longest period in the first stage of evidence evidence.

And another father Leo, Kim Do-hyung, gave Leo a message. “I was always at Leo's side, I remember when I met at an eight-year training camp back, and I thought I was going to win; I can work with you across the country at that time, but the young people you are older than I am. I am happy to be with you all the time, and what would you look like? "" Well, you'll start your new life from now on. Now sleep over and don't work at all. I love you Leo, a good fare, your partner will ask you. "

Lieutenant Kim Doo Hyung said, "I've suffered. T

Then he took Leo to Kang Hyung-wook. Then the message of Kang Hyung-wook to Leo was followed. He thanked the CSI. Kang Hyeong-wook couldn't talk to me.

“Leo was a friend, he enjoyed playing ball and we enjoyed going to the mountains together,” he said, “since we were a little puppy two months old I never had a friend. I thought it was as if it were Leo playing with them. "

"It was great to train today," said Leo when he came to meet his eyes, but Leo was shaking his feet and I was sick to see how difficult it was. Leo came alone. “I am very grateful to the CSI that helped Leos do their work in good health and I will do my best to protect Leo in the future. "He was also pushing his eyes, saying that he was sorry for Leo.

And Leo was worried that he was struggling between Lieutenant Kim Doo Hyung. And Kim, Hyoung-hyung, stole tears from the wind. So Kang asked to stay with Kim Doo Hyung, saying, "Stay with me, Leo will be hard."

Kim said, “Someone told me I have been living with Leo for a long time and I feel sorry, but I might miss you, I am sorry about Leo, and I miss you. The pain is much more. "" Thank you. “It's time to spend time with you,” said Kang.

On the other hand, Leo, who gets a happy time with the Gang family, Hyung-wook, t

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