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Dementia Investment, Parkinson's Risk ↑: A Daily Economy

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A long-term review of patients with behavior in REM sleep coupled with severe sleep activity has shown that three-quarters of patients such as Parkinson's and dementia have neurodegenerative diseases.

According to the medical team, a team of sleeping and neurologists from 24 locations across 11 countries around the world, including Professor Chung Ki-young, made a brain professor at a National Hospital. University of Seoul, 1280 patients with REM sleep disorders investigated Follow-up results showed that patients with Riopathic sleep disorder were referred to neurodegenerative diseases at 6.3% each year and 73.5% after 12 years.

Threats to neurodegenerative diseases are abnormalities of distance, non-arbitrary movement, neurological disorders, erectile dysfunction, exercise symptoms, dopaminergic symbolic blueness, non-morbidity vision color, rubbish, loss of mind, color t REM stubble, and age.

REM's sleep is sleeping, but the brain is awake and most of the time he is dreaming.

At the time of REM's sleep, it is normal for muscles to rest and not to move. Patients with Riopathic sleep disorder are nervous and insulting, and re-transporting them as they are. This is why trauma is common. The overall population density is approximately 0.38 ~ 0.5%, and the percentage of older people in Korea is 2.01%.
REMA's REM sleep disorder is considered to be a pre-determined stage of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, reumatic dementia and multiple atrophy systems. So a detailed judgment of the level of movement to neurodegenerative disease and the predictor of movement for the neurodegenerative disease can give neuroprotection when it comes out about the disease, the hospital explained.

The research findings were published in the recent issue of Brain, an international issue of brains. Professor Chung Ki Young was the only researcher in Asia.

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