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The worst results have been produced with "top-down" discussions
To hear the beauty of …

President of the United States, George W. Bush and the head of Northern Europe, Kim Jong, completed his second round of homage lectures in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 27-28 February, without any agreement be. It is due to the unintended recognition of the North American denuclearization measures and the anti-US nationalist campaigns. In addition, he also says that he is a "diplomatic failure", called "top-down" discussions, where negotiations between the ordinary parties are agreed and detailed to discuss information at work level. In the United States, it has seemed to have been influenced by what happened after hearing.

United States Secretary Condoleezza Rice will meet the United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the JW Marriott Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam after meeting with Donald Trump, the United States Secretary of Defense (left) Latest News

There was ① & # 39; denuclearization & # 39; big gap

Trump and Kim Jung have reached a consensus at the summit after his & her; High meeting, which is due to the fact that both sides have a very different idea of ​​the diminution measures.

Trump President In a press release after speech breakdown, In addition to the Yongbyon nuclear device, the United States also appears to have demanded a decline and finalized nuclear headquarters surveys, a powerful Uranium (HEU) facility, interconnected ballistic missile (ICBM) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that it was necessary to launch a nuclear program, saying that "is the same as the confirmation of its nuclear program."

Trump said North Korea wanted the nuclear facilities in Yongbyon to be shut down to go back, but did not go. can take it. Indeed, there were many ideas that would not be necessary for North Korea to release large-scale net-scale web sites just by using; removal of Yongbyon nuclear transit facility, which is similar to metal scrap.

Indeed, President Trump said, "We have to stop upgraded uranium (and its manufacturing facilities), but Kim Jung-eun is not ready to do that." "The United States is aware of North Korean nuclear facilities," he said. Trump has sustained the situation that it is impossible to terminate North Korea without removing an extremely rich uranium as well as Yongbyon, which is the center of plutonium building facilities.

On the other hand, Kim Jong Eun went into the place to simply accept it; the decline of Yongbyon nuclear facility. Instead, he asked that sanctions would be in place; North Corner built in response to the closure of Yongbyon nuclear center. Kim Jung – the bird seems to have been hitting when the US states that there were nuclear resources in Yongbyon. Trump President expressed his own words that the North Korean found that there was a "uranium outside Yongbyon" and said, "I think North Korea was surprised by what we knew. " At the end, the gap was distinguished between North Korea and North Korea, which wanted the US nuclear resources and Yongbyon, the demolition of nuclear resources and the Yongbyon + α losses resources was too large.

② It was also expected to expect & disable & # 39;

Trump tell your reporters before the extension begins to "talk good" conversation about the case in relation to the establishment of a connection office. Kim Jong Eun, who rejected the request from Yongbyon + α, appears to have tried to urge Kim with her; opening card & interconnected office However, Kim Jong Eun seems to think about the diminution measures beyond that; eliminating Yongbyon nuclear resources at the beginning of the talks.

Kim Jung-eun said, "Mentality brings good results today," ahead of the speeches. Instead, it is likely that President Trump would be discharging his network by going to # 39; eliminate Yongbyon nuclear resources. Professor Trump said, "said Professor Joo-hong of Kyonggi University." Trump Chief Executive stated that North Dakota did not have nuclear or additional resources for Yongbyon nuclear supplies,

President Trump said there was concern that cleansing full of Yongbyon nuclear waste rubbish would be a "bad case". it had to be fully tested. "I thought it was fitting to not agree in this situation," said Trump. Head of the National Union of Korea's Union, Jeon Sung-hoon, said: "The US has probably requested not to eliminate Yongbyon's nuclear device, but also to burn the nuclear facilities. and watch storage facilities Kim Jong-

US President Donald Trump (left) and Kim Jong Eun (right) of the North Korean State Secretary at a meeting at the Sofitel Legend Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam on the second day of the second summit of the United States SA. / Latest News

③ High resolution & # 39;

Many of the studies show that the approach had an overhead approach to the arrangements. TopDown is a way of reaching agreement between directors and providing information on practical negotiations. It is also a way of making the conclusions that are not determined in detail in discussions with the leaders' decisions. Both meetings were at the second meeting, which had the ongoing discussions with its first meeting in Korea and North Korea last year and did not meet the agenda of its & # 39; roof.

The up-to-date approach depends on the leader's talent, character, and psychology position in conversations. So, if discussions continue negotiations between directors in a situation where they do not have a level of opinion on their; main agenda at negotiation level,This seems to bring all or nothing (all or nothing) & # 39 ;. It is the second summit in Colombia's North-North America, which is a disaster. drop into your quest for the upgrade procedure.

Shin Phum, director of the Center for Security and the Asan Union for Policy Reviews, said "I think the wave is becoming bigger because of the upward approach." Professor Muk Wook of the University of Chorea said, "President Trump said at his press conference," I did not decide on my own. "This means that if agreements have been held in the post-ministerial level, it is impossible to reach a consensus."

On February 27th, 2019, Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, attended a hearing hearing of the House of Representatives House, representing corruption related to his. President Donald Trump. / EPA News Yonhap

④ variable & coo & # 39;

Truman's private solicitor, Cohen, confirms to Trump that he is missing his / her evidence. conference. Former lawyer Trump, Cohen, was present at the House of Representatives Monday (27 February), which publicly certified that Trump has been in a position; worrying the public. There was no trump in focusing on the talks.

By the speeches, Trump said we can not wait for North Korea to stay freezing cold and if it's not. Demonstrates very little dementia about energy closure, arranges and pacts as a success. Trump, who has gone to the corner with his home affairs case, was expected to bring home politics, through the political emergence of the home by going to his home. achieving the North West nuclear case. However, Trump broke the contract. It is possible that the US has been choosing not to agree with the muucleuclear discussions at the level of closing Yongbyon's nuclear center,

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