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"Emphysema, an increased risk of erosion of the angel"

COPD (COPD) which causes the airborne lungs (COPD) which inhibits the air flow to and from the lungs, leading to an increased risk of hitting the anurysm.

The spirit is in the blade of a balloon that loses its elasticity and its humility; thinning. If this situation lasts a long time, it could suddenly interrupt such as a car tire and cause a fatal indoor injury.

Researchers at Brown School Medical University in the USA have been studying the medical history of more than 4,800 patients with ruptured aneurysms, Medical Express reported on Tuesday.

Of these, 433 were emphysema patients.

Overall, an emphysema patient was more than twice as acute as aortic aneurysm than others.

The risk of hemorrhage chimney hemorrhage (a cereral hemorrhage) resulting in a 50% disruption to the anemone was achieved.

This is due to consideration of other risk factors for aneurysms such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and drinking.

This shows that emphysema and aneurysms share information, and the researchers said.

However, researchers noted that the analysis did not mention clinical variables such as the emphysema hardness and the aneurysm, the duration of the medicine, and the detailed smoking history.

In particular, smoking is the most vulnerable aspect of emphysema and aneurysms.

Irving Krone, a cardiology surgeon at the University of Arizona School of Medicine, said the results found that emphysema and aneurysms are quite common.

The researchers will further explore the relationship between emphysema and aneurysms, and will try to see if one solution can solve the other.

The anemone moves forward slowly and usually has no marks.

Emphysema pulmonary is a chronic lung disease in which the fibers controlling the opening and closing of the alveoli are damaged and alveoli has been greatly extended. Normal human lungs, like rubber muff, have some flexibility which can be reduced. There are larger patients with emphysema, but they cannot be reduced again. The main offender smoke.

The study was published in the latest edition of American Heart Association's "Stroke" (19 March).

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