"Foreign journalist" Why is it illegal when it is open? "Amazed"

Reporters by reporter Kim Hyo-ryong aseokim@joongang.co.kr

Reporters by reporter Kim Hyo-ryong [email protected]

In 1962, the Yellow House & House, a place of residence in Sungui-dong, Michuchon-gu, Incheon, was restored. By the end of January, they had all received an ultimatum, but around 40 stripers in 10 businesses say they have no room to go. Increasingly worrying about the incident is unfortunate that the start of emergency disruption begins when the Year's white holidays; New time. The women raised the reef on their own story and were kept deep in their minds. A violent (B) B (53) certificent who spent more than 30 years in a residential area, is included in the series Yellow House Rain.

The landscape of Gravel Garden & # 39; from Daewon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu. [사진 대구시]

The landscape of Gravel Garden & # 39; from Daewon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu. [사진 대구시]

One of the most important ideas in the House House Rain & # 39; they should be entitled to prostitution as a Japanese colony period. Japan's Gongchangje type of genetics system in 1916 ~ 48. This system, in which the state is a terrorist rule, has expired US troops after freedom.

Mr B, who worked at Gravel Garden & # 39; In Daewon, Daegu, in the mid 80's, "I thought people were full and prosperous and the state was in a position." At that time, he was a burial town; in a cascade garden without a living room in the room. But he was always full, Mr B.

According to Hong Kong's "History of the Era", around 1,000 women were involved in stroll around the Seoul Olympics in 1988. It is not unreasonable that Mr B found the colonial street and was to agree the dwelling.

Cleaned around & 88s Olympics & # 39;

"There was a health center where my doctor was in. Obstetrics and Gynecology exams were held once a week, once every three months, and once every six months. The test was free. In many countries, however, if you have an unusual body in your body, you have cure your personal money. When I got a really ill illness, I was treated at a health center until it was long, and some businesses would pay the health center and bring the women out. I gave him and gave him work. "

At that time, all women working in residential towns would need to obtain health certificates from administrative organizations. Most of her name and her age were deceived, but he wrote the same name after he changed to a real name system.

There is another reason why Mr B thought it was a licensed toilet. He said he had never been able to stop the police over the past two to three years.

"I was honestly thinking that he was half empty after he was told that it was a place without a legal permit. Sometimes a consumer said that he was contaminated," I did not play as much as I did, "but I do not have to go to a police station near an office. If you call the police at the police box and" Who's the hell " -mach, you have to sit and go. The police officer told the guest, "If you stop, you did well."

Great, industrial anxiety. [중앙포토]

Great, industrial anxiety. [중앙포토]

In 1981, the government impeded striopography by the "Act of Prejudice Act of Prudence" in 1981, but next year, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (today Ministry of Health and Benefit)

The support of the country continued. In the book, Hong writes, "The five republican military rules have set up an intuitive density area, which includes installing a specific range of the three republics. It also recorded for Striped, he issued a health certificate, and provided a regular health check. (…) Before the Olympics, in 1986, a major renewal project was launched to launch a wealth resource for & # 39; immigrant influence. Instead of hard rugs, large glass windows with large windows and a large fire pipe were opened.

In February last year, it was ruled that the unions of the founding campus set out for US troops. The 22nd Division of the High Court in the Seoul District Court welcomed the complaints in the case of 116 cases of a striping issue against Lee Myung –

From 1957 to the 1990s, those stripe women in the Jungchon said that the government had created physical and mental damage by stimulating prostitution by sending it to the " set up and manage the jungchon.

Kwon Young-jin, President of Daegu, Final Service

View of Space Space Art & # 39; in Taewon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu gravel garden. [사진 대구 중구청]

View of Space Space Art & # 39; in Taewon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu gravel garden. [사진 대구 중구청]

The beautiful, horrible courtyard, was the decline after a Special Discrimination Act in 2004. The number of women involved in prostitution reduced to about 350. In May 2014, Daegu Mayor Kwon Young -jin was established as a pledge to close the crested garden.

Daegu City and the police have been breaking down on CCTV and street lights in 2017. It opened Art Space, a exhibition space, between beverages.

Despite this, the place where the red light has not been suspended, but is expected to go out into a dark history through the development of large buildings such as Incheon Yellowhouse. According to Daegu City last year, Doosan Development, a private developer, made an application for the study and project development room. If the test is completed, the whole area will be lost and construction will begin on a large flat in November. At present, there are about 30 women in 10 shops in the beautiful courtyard.

B said, "Last year, a foreign American journalist to the Yellow House said:" It's amazing that it's illegal to open this way. "" In prostitution, prostitution has been continuously for decades under a state-of-the-state agreement, It will not go away, "he said.

In the late 80's, he did not have a bad detrimental effect on the owners of a woman's business and went out of his gravel garden to go to Wangwol-dong (now Chungmudong) in Busan. Another pain was waiting in Busan.

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