Freeze ECB level … "Keep interest rates until the end of the year at least"

Policy rates are frozen by the European Central Bank (ECB).

The ECB said it would keep the start rate at 0% and keep its investment level and remote loan level at -0.40% and 0.25%, respectively, at a financial policy meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.

Last month the ECB held its financial policy meeting, hoping to maintain current rates of interest up to the end of the year at least.

This is to reduce the incidence of inflation in the euro area and to reach the medium-term inflation target (2%).

The ECB also indicated that it intended to make all repayments through its purchasing program.

The ECB decided to proceed with the TLTRO-III long-term loan program which aims to obtain the quality of banks at its last financial policy meeting.

This event will be followed by a press conference later this evening by ECB President Mario Mario and he will explain the history of the financial policy decision.

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