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Gimbok-dong Grandmother Boo-soo, head of his abandoned wreath (video) – Kookmin Ilbo

The victims of the comfortable women and human rights activist, Kim Bok-dong, were the victims of the Japanese army,

Seoul's voice stands for Media Media, and released a video on the 4th YouTube channel to talk to Yongsu Grandmother, Ron's interview, Seoul's voice showed a grandmother's picture Yi Soo, who moves sadly at the grandmother's house in Kimbok – dong. My grandmother turned back the signature on her wreath wrapped by the free lawyer, Korean By Kim Jun. There was also a view where another wreath was moved to the empty corner and turned the flower back to see. Seoul's voice, which said "the Kyung-won treaty," was explained by a number of staff who carried the wreath out of the house, saying, "The wreath of the Kyung-win to break out. "

In the Seoul sound interview, Yongsoo's grandmother made a fine on the "Taegeukgi Unit". "I do not want you to get such a flag," he said. (In some cases, images are not displayed on site site.

The Kyung wins, leader of the party, I got my grandmother's illness. At that time Ask if the statements were to # 39; Welcoming the agreement of comfortable women, said Gyeong-won, "It was important to diplomatic," he said. "At that time, I also said it was wrong to comment on a grandmother."

Na Kyeong-won, free party leader in the Fog, has been talking to the storytellers after his grandmother Kim Bok-bong, Binsoo, who suffered the " participation "in the Japanese army in the special room of the Severance Hospital in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. News

When Park Keun-hye signed the "women-Japan-related" focus women related to the Japanese government on December 28, 2015, the Kyung-won chaired the Foreign Affairs and Recovery Committee National Assembly. In a press conference at that time, he said, "This is the second option for diplomatic talks because it is not the case; I can assign legal responsibility to the Japanese government. "

Reporter Shin Eunjung

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