Google will launch & # 39; password password & to stop it & # 39; enforcement

Google took hold of the damage caused by the ID and stealing and distributing a password. Google displayed a password confirmation on 5 February (local time) to locate the ID and drop password.

Password confirmation prevents users from being in & # 39; login to unsafe sites or log into websites with previous IDs and passwords. In addition, be careful not to use a variety of password without your knowledge.

That is, if the website's password is open, it can be confirmed through a password check. The injuries currently being used are & # 39; shows a warning message that has been discharged in the past, and will guide you to reset your password.

| Ceumannan to verify Google's password.

| Google Password Survey Compliance Report

To achieve this, Google has collected more than 4 billion accountable information released by security events to date and making it a database (DB). Based on this DB, Google compiles the user name and password that the user submitted with information that was discharged in the past.

In addition to preventing too hard or checking users' information for security enhancement purposes, only security or account security information is shared by related companies. The password verification feature was conferred by a Stanford University cryptographic specialist, and Google is designed so that the user's name or password can not directly be sent.

| How a password search works

| How a password search works

It is the extension of a web browser that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web site.

So far, Google has automatically reset Google password and password to make it more secure when it is confirmed that a password has been installed. Over the past two years, 110 million users received this benefit. Google will develop the future password verification word, so it can be used in different fields.

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