Hankyoreh "The length of the case has not been extended … Geun-hye Park helped the president as large as possible" – Chosun.com

Inntrig 2019.02.09 18:04

Former Prime Minister Hwang said, "I helped Geun-hye Park as big as possible in the first phase," he opposed some of the "banner" bids.

Hwang met with reporters after visiting the birthplace of the former President of the Chung-hee Park in Gumi, Gyeongsang Province on September 9, saying, "We wanted to help him how well possible when he saw the problem of the former President of the Park Geun-hye. "

Former Prime Minister Hwang Jae-hyun presents a photo of the date of birth of the old president of Gumi Park in Gyeongsangbuk Province on the afternoon of the 9th. / Yonhap News

Hwang, who is a party leader of a Free Party party, has been at the heart of a recent controversy controversy. The first president, Yoo Young-ha, on TV on 7th of "Shisa Sho" is here, "said he," From 31 March, 2017, when the warrant "Then asked me to have a desk and chairman. At that time, Hwang was in charge of the president's authority, and after the interview with Yoo, he argued that Hwang had Detection park

Former Prime Minister, Hong Jun, of the Republican political party called Hwang "brath".

Hwang said, "Indeed, when the specific research is going on, I asked to expand the time of the research at the specific research after I finished its first investigation. " At that time, the research is over. "He said." He said, "I think we've done a lot better than that."

Hwang has maintained its position that it should proceed as planned on its question as to whether it changes the contract timetable. He said, "The party is deciding," he said, "I will continue to make a decision to a party." About the Chung-hee Park, he said, "We need to remember this part for economic development and national development."

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