Hong Nam-ki, deputy minister,

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Economy The Finance and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki said on 10 October, "I expect to cancel the allegations against the new secretary's administration this afternoon."

Hong said, "It's important to support the new Deputy Prime Minister, as deputy minister, so that he can return to an ordinary society as soon as possible," he added. T "Deputy First Minister said."

Jae – min, formerly secretary of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. / Yonhap News

Hong said, "We have recently met with the new assistant secretary, and the depute headteacher has told us that we are doing our part in order to avoid similar events." I look forward to renewing the health management of Shin shortly and returning to the organization as soon as possible. "

In the last year, Shin has suspected that Cheong Wa Dae had tried to take KT & G from the private company, and to intervene by getting deficit links more than 4Rillion through YouTube. In January, the Ministry of Justice made a new claim to the effect that they had breached the Public Records Administration Act and the prohibition of disclosure of official secrecy.

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