How can I pay for a null service failure?

▲ AWS Senior Summit in Korea last year

[디지털데일리 백지영기자] Some of the services at Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been broken at 9:00 am on the 22nd month, and many of the domestic service companies used to destroy it.

The disability is true at 8:15 m and is about the life of delivery people, Kupang, Yaolinja, here and there Market Curley, Banin Shinhan (Higher Data Higher), etc., worked as usually for about 2 hours.

At 3:09 pm, AWS Korea said, "Due to some DNS configuration errors in the Seoul AWS section, the EC2 situation can not perform the DNS work for 84 minutes." The resolution error was resolved and the service is usually used. "Post-DNS is a network service that connects to a real IP IP by entering a habitat that is made of characters in the Internet address window .

Amazon EC, Amazon KS, Amazon MQ, Amazon Workspace, AWS Elastic VinceTalk, AWS IoT, AWS Lambda and many other services were not used correctly.

As neon services are the main IT infrastructure for initiatives, our lives have a direct and indirect impact on the breakdown of cloud services. Due to the breakdown of AWS service, hazards related to the scoto were identified locally. In other words, the cloud service has been used recently in Korea.

So, if you have a cloud service, you'll be able to & # 39; company to deal with and cover the extent of the important factors to select future service. Freight service providers typically have a disability compensation situation based on service level agreements (SLAs). It is a type of service level agreement contained in a SLA that is formally agreed between the service provider and the user.

If the pre-defined level of service delivery is not met, the provider must repay the customer's service for some of the costs. At present, the SLAs of key cloud service providers are typically between 99.50% and 99.99%.

The month is available (%) 100 *[1-{서비스를 이용한 한달 동안 회사의 책임있는 사유로 인한 장애로 서비스를 이용하지 못하는 장애시간(분)의 합/서비스를 이용할 수 있는 기간 한달(분)}]South Westerly

In other words, 99.0% of the monthly situation should not exceed 22 minutes in 99.2% for 99.2% (9.3 hours), 99.6% for 216 minutes (3.6 hours), and 432 minutes In addition, 99.99% received compensation fees if the disability time was over 4 minutes per month.

At least 99.99% have a monthly operating rate at the Amazon EC2 service. 10% for operating hours less than 99.0% ~ 99.99%, and 30% for less than 99.0%. Service credits that involve the use of AWS scanning services.

As stated by AWS Korea, if an EC2 event is not capable of performing a DNS for 84 minutes, it is possible to receive a 10% service credit as it falls within a 99.0% range to 99.99 % during each month. Different companies may have different contracts.

Indeed, these disruptions are excluded if there are unavoidable reasons such as natural accidents or regular tests. In addition, compensation for damage means that the user needs the reason for submitting the application, the size of the application and the base of the calculator. In the case of AWS, the AWS Support Center will cost a & # 39; case by recording a & # 39; case. The credit request must be obtained by AWS by the end of the second filing event after the incident (disability) has occurred.

On the other hand, AWS presents a real-time status of regional (departmental) services through the service health board (handheld). This is why we do not hesitate to contact our users with the impediment to service. If the service runs smoothly, it is green, and if there is a problem, it will be warned by red or blue.

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