Hyundai E & C maintains the third ongoing impact in Caltex GS

The member of the girls member of the Hyundai E & C celebrated three streaks that won by GS Caltex, who is busy at follow.

Hyundai Construction awarded the set score 3: 1 (14:25 25:14 25:23 25:20) in a fifth visit of the V-League Women's Division in Suwon today (5th) in GS Caltex.

Hyundai E & C, who had completed the KGC ginseng project on 3 March and successfully in the innovative league, to move up against GS Caltex, who never won this season.

On the other hand, the third place GS Caltex, who was able to progress to the second place after winning today, falling to third place.

Hyundai E & C made 28 points for Maya and 25 points for Yang Hyo Jin.

In a previous woman's game in Ansan, KB Pasona Insurance was a & # 39; Emphasizing Housing Bank is OK enough to position score 3: 0 (28:26 25:18 26:24).

The KB player at the sixth level, who had a hard-hitting pre-release progress, was posted at the end of the 10th of the season.

The right-to-fifth retainer bank has also moved away from entry after the week.

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