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Mayo (left) Hyundai E & C and Lee Hae-hyun at five tallies have a fifth round of V-League GS Caltex in the 2018-19 season held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on its & # 39; 5th Delivered by the Volley Korea Football Federation

Hyundai's female professional booth was awarded a New Year volunteer gift. Hyundai E & C has escaped from the last place after winning three consecutive days in two games. It is completely different from last year when it was difficult to have 11 consecutive effects after the opening of this season. Hyundai E & C may have, which has been the construction, part of a red pepper powder in the & # 39; final ranking competition.

Hyundai 3-1 won in a fifth visit of the GS Caltex V-League at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium in the Gyeonggi Department on May 5. It was an amazing return that gave one set and lost three sets and lost three sets. Hyundai E & C had 6 benefits and 1 losses in seven games over the last month. If you only play this game this year, you have won the best percentage among other clubs. Hyundai E & C left, with 22 points, KGC Ginseng Corp, away from the last, and reduced the gap with the Korean Highway Corporation (37 points) with at least 5 games.

It was difficult to think about the early and mid-season. Hyundai E & C did not just clarify one point in 11 games after the league started. After winning his first win against KGC Ginseng Corporation in December, it was anticipated that it was difficult again after falling to five consecutive effects.

However, in the new year, the Hyundai E & C protection was improved and the atmosphere changed. Left dominance with good protection power is used, and its efficiency gets more and the protection is reinforced. Libero Kim Yeon-do also does his with a good portion and ridicule. Lee Do-hee, director of Hyundai E & C, explained, "The defense and defense truth has come forward," explaining the cause of the revival. Naturally, the power of an attack has also survived. Joo Hyang Yang and Maya have made 48 consecutive points each game during the following three winners.

Hyundai E & C, which gets out of its & # 39; best known base, aiming to win more. I am not satisfied with the performance I have seen. The manager said, "We have a good performance but it is unfortunately that the pattern of attack is enough. Left-wing power should be higher," he said.

Hyundai E & C has left six games for this season. There is no big difference between its first and fourth place in the postseason hopes at its & # 39; first four locations, Hungkuk Life (48 points), IBK Industrial Bank (43 points), GS Caltex (40 points) and Korea Road Corps (37 points). If any team is held up in Hyundai E & C, you can move the electorate of spring to change. Hyundai E & C, which has been transformed from a salesman in a difficult situation, has been a dangerous, frightening problem.

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