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Worksheet covered with white snow

On the morning of the 19th century, when the snow falls fall in the autumn, & # 39; war with snow & Out of 5: 45m, there is a heavy snow storm warning in Seoul, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Gangwon-do, and Northern Chungcheong.

"The whole country grows tidy and snowy or damaged due to adverse effects over the southern seas," said the Meteorological Group . "We will stop at 3:00 pm from the west coast and stop most of the evening".

At 5:00 m, there was a snowfall of 0.4 mòra big branches in Seoul, 2.2 ㎝ in Suwon, 0.6 ㎝ in Incheon, 4.6 ㎝ in Hongseong, 1 ㎝ in Cheongju, 4.0 ㎝ in Dangjin, 3.0 ㎝ in Ling, 1.5 ㎝ in Jecheon, 4.8 cm, Asan 3.5 cm, Seosan 3.3 cm, and Goesan 3.2 cm.

The snow is expected to collect in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Gangwon-do, and North Chungcheong to 6pm. In many places, there are places that gather more than 10cm. In the southern part of the Chungcheong mainland, north of Gyeongbuk, and in the west of the country, 1 ~ 5㎝ of snow will be collected at 12pm. The Ministry of Meteorology said: "Be careful about traffic safety because the speed speed is short in water or snow." It is important to pay attention to traffic safety and the safety of walkers on the way to work, as many snowflakes and sloping roads. "

On the other hand, as the west wind is introduced for a while, the temperature is similar to or slightly higher than usual.

There is a 0-degree morning temperature in Seoul, 1 degree in Incheon, 0 degrees in Suwon, 2 degrees in Chuncheon, 2 degrees in Gangneung, 1 degree in Cheongju, 1 degree in Daejeon, 3 degrees in Jeonju , 4 degrees in Gwangju, 2 degrees in Daegu, 7 degrees in Busan, Do.

There are 4 degrees high temperature in Seoul, 4 degrees in Incheon, 4 degrees in Suwon, 4 degrees in Chuncheon, 7 degrees in Gangneung, 5 degrees in Cheongju, 4 degrees in Jeonju, 6 degrees in Jeonju, 8 degrees in Gwangju, 6 degrees in Daegu, Do.

I see a full moon in the clouds this day when the snow comes from the end of the afternoon.

It is expected to have a good dust & # 39; good & # 39; no & # 39; intermediate & in all sectors due to the difference of influence and shelter of the atmosphere.

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