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"I do not think so. Daytime show – Times Times

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The filmmaker Kim Ki-duk (59), who stopped his official events due to his controversy in March last year, was confirmed as the festival opening film held in Japan the next month.


The film director Kim "Human, space, time and humanity" was selected as the opening film of the 29th International International Yubari Festival, which will take place from July 7th. The film was filmed in 2017, but was not officially released.

According to Sankei Shimbun newspaper on the 28th, the director of Kim film films is going on in Japan. With suspected of genital violence last year, the Koide de Gaiske and Hiroshi Arai actors were also sexy. In 2017, he was said to have been sexy by a small person in drama that had been a problem because he had been drinking and producing a species, and there was suspicion that Hirofumi a & # 39; An old woman jumped 30 years last year.

It is also controversial that the film included a scene where many men were experiencing; attacking women.

Movie Human, place, time, and human (gaese) & # 39; Part of the scene / Filmiche Producer Kim Ki-duk has been provided

The Japanese netizen migration was divided into two. Some websites have criticized "they should not be guilty" and should be screened.

Take home home of the European Association of Europe

Kim's film director was selected as an opening film and the feminist group of America was opposed. The European Women's Association requested that the opening film be deferred on December 12, but received a response saying that he can not send an invitation from the opening movie on the 20th of the month; gone. "On the 27th, the leader of the women's association said," The Director of Kim has been running his activities in the " movie industry without hesitation or self-reflection even after a crisis certificate. "The Film Festival of Yubari is the decision that the person responsible for the petition is correct" It was the decision that enabled the film industry to survive without any support. "

In March last year, Kim stopped his official functions in Korea after the PDM Handbook PD reported that he suspected sexual violence through film director Kim Ki-deok, since then he has been working on the PD Handbook and his actress A who appeared in the report to do & # 39; damaging publications. However, there was no claim that both delegates and actors were not.

Kim continued overseas, including filming in Kazakhstan, after being accused of sex harassment.

According to the home page of the International Festival of Yubari Film, Human & Space, space, time and people (gaeze) & # 39; shown for about 2 hours starting from 6pm on 7th of the next month. This film shows events of different ages and occupations as long as as they traveled in a war ship, Players of The Sung Ki, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Seung Bum, Odagiri Cho and Fujii Mina

The International International Film Festival of Yubari is the best international film festival in Asia. He will deal with films such as SF, horror, fantasy, adventure, activity, shower. The town of Yubari, the Hokkaido mining town, was held since 1990 for regional development. Kim was invited to the film festival in 2016 as a "Stop" movie based on a nuclear disaster. The festival will take place between 7 March and 10 March.

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