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I don't think like that. "Dignified" "Jonathan" –

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The three areas, "free, old-fashioned, infinite," including … Intellectual Minds
Sohn Hak-gyu, "Democratic makers,
Park Ji-win "Democratic Party, I have made a representation to the House"

South Korea's president, Roh Myeong-triumph, spoke on behalf of the negotiating group at the main National Assembly assembly on 12 December, that the government is a spokesperson for North Korea. Also, director of the Hong Young-pyo Democratic Party (south) / Yonhap News t

The right party, the Democratic Party, the Justice Party etc. t At the 12th, the leader of the Kyung-party party said, "It is a punishment to fight without honor" in a representative speech by the parliamentary delegation of the National Assembly of the Polish Party.

The people in the speech in the morning said, "Don't let Moon Jae – hear Kim Jung-bird's story as a keynote speaker." In addition, Democratic Party legislators left up to 25 minutes to moan their complaints, shouting and shouting.

Kim Su-min, spokesman for the ruling US party, said in a statement on the day, "It is free criticism that he has not expressed respect for" Kim Jong-un "as he said," I apologize fully about the invalid views from the South Korean party. "What sort of remoteness helps you make and develop Korey relations," he said, "he added. Only a few days since National Assembly rule has been regularized.

Kim's spokesman said, "If the party and president of the ROK are concerned about the remaining dictatorship, the party is still responsible for the future of the person in the National Assembly." T

Park Chu-hyhean, senior lecturer for the Peace Party, said, "In the National Assembly lecture, the keynote speaker for the DPRK is the keynote speaker of the DPRK. It's the mistake of the party. "

Kim Jong-dae, who is the spokesperson for the ruling Minister of Justice, said, "The first leader who comes out of his mouth will not have an astounding miracle."

Sohn Hak-gyu, deputy minister, attended the news about Lee Jae-Hwan's election office in Sungsan-to, Gyeongnam Province, saying, "We should be carrying the president as "He said."

But there are also ideas that also highlighted the Democratic error caused by the disruption of the House Speech. Sohn said, "The Democrats are frightened of the Dae Waong House by the Waun Waun House. Kim Soo-min, a spokesperson for the governing party, said he was sorry for the Democratic Party to fail to honor this honor. T as a regulatory party,

Park Ji-winning, a member of the Peace Party, also revealed on Facebook, saying, "The leader of the opposition can argue," he said. “We can listen to and criticize and criticize, but the criticism of people is part.” T "I listen to the president's speech hard, but the Democratic Party's strategy takes the party's presidency to JANPARK."

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