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Chronic Conditions Disease, 5 Year Early Failure New Increase 35%

A chronic renal disease is a disease that gradually declines the black work. In 2013, the number of patients increased from 35,151 in 2013 to 203,378 in 2017 (Assessment Service and National Health Insurance Assessment). Treatment of kidney disease can be carried out early diagnosis, but most patients do not recognize the disease, and after their disease decline, they can go to hospital. Dialysis treatment is often incomplete if bad symptoms such as dispersing or smell of master are present in the mouth.

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Cron's River Illness

In the kidneys the glomerulus (blood filtration) makes the fort by rubbing the rubbish into the blood. Diarrhea is a disease that damages depression, injection, surgery, specific infections, etc.

Arthritis, which worsens the depressant place and worsens the kidney disease. A renal hearing illness can be cured by additional treatments such as melancholy disorders. However, chronic renal disease is moving slowly forward to poor kidney work, and its symptoms are too small for early diagnosis. Most renal diseases will not be cured and should be treated consistently. Problem treatment is required as a result of kidney failure.

The three main causes of cancer disease are diabetes, and chronic glomerulonephritis. In particular, there is over 40% of diabetes. Discovering about outbreaks of hyperglycemia due to diabetes caused damage to glomeruli, inflammation and damage to kidneys. If air control is not controlled, the pressure roller beaters are weighed down to cause damage to the glomeruli. As blood pressure increases, the incidence of severe kidney disease increases, and 2 out of 10 patients with hypertension show that depression is depressed. The number of diabetic and hypertensive patients is growing rapidly, and more diabetes is expected to rise.

If you are diagnosed with chronic renal disease, you can be treated well by lifestyle treatment or simple medicine. However, due to the gradual emergence of symptoms of renal disease, most patients do not understand their own condition.

Symptoms of renal disease include tiredness, rest, loss of focus, loss of appetite, swelling, dry eyes in the morning, dry skin, itching, and frequent stomach. This is like the symptoms that lead to a simple tiredness gathering, which can be very small. If vomiting often occurs and the throat is severely weakening in the mouth, symptoms may worsen with the late-end renal failure requiring dialysis or renal transplantation.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure,

In patients with diabetes and hypertension, blood glucose and blood pressure should be closely controlled from the start of the disease to prevent problems such as renal problems. It is important to visit renal medicine when symptoms of kidney disease appear. Even if you have no symptoms, you should check your blood and blood every 3 to 6 months for searching for a kidney disease in the future. Kim Yang-kyun, professor of hospital experience at Kyunghee University Hospital, said, "It is important for people with no underlying illness to look for kidney abnormalities such as proteinuria or hematuria, which may be starts with 'diabetes' through a health check.

Professor Kim said, “It is important to light and light food production because most are caused by diabetes or a major hospital. T "As it is, patients with chronic progressional renal disease should be suffering from obtuse symptoms. Protets, potassium, phosphos, etc. are transformed into renal function." .

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If you have the symptoms below, you should seek medical advice from a renal specialist.

△ I often feel useless and tired.

Et Appetite falls.

I have low waking and can't sleep well.

Good grain at night or increased legs and legs.

Ke If you cause, the eyes surround you.

’My color is red or red.

Adh I wake up and often cool.

A skin becomes selective and pale.

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