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It is reported that 2030 of self-employed generations are getting & # 39; drink more often than the same age workers.

The Big Data Data Data Hanwha Life identifies results & Model Analysis of Genealogy Generators 2030 and Self Employed & # 39; on 6 June. We used fair interview data for insurance data and card company, 150,000 coffee appointments and 200 people working individually and 100 employees. An analysis of 1,500 cafe articles online showed that 15.4% of people worked independently to talk about alcohol-related words such as bumps, leeks, and & # 39; horse bridge (drinking alone) compared to 9.4% of staff.

Hanhwa Life employee explained, "The time for self-employed workers is working slower than normal staff, and at the same time does not affect the opening of a bar or night club at that time too. "

There were more people working independently who put pressure on alcohol consumption. The proportion of self-employed people (5.8 per cent) and staff (1.7 per cent) had three times; higher than those that mentioned stress and drinking. Diseases related to liver were also larger in humans. Looking at the number of sickness benefits paid by Hanwha Life for 3 years, the people who worked for themselves showed a higher degree of sedimentary disease and some of the patients' work.

Self-employed staff were also concerned about healthcare & In a detailed interview with 300 people, it was ranked in the first place. Staff had a Financial management (32%) and self-employed healthcare (28%). Similar trends were shown in cartoon cartoon statistics. The amount of money spent on going to # 39; Healthy food purchases such as ginseng 155,000 employees per annum, and the cost of 389,000 self-employed employee wins.

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