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In park & ​​# 39; National Treasure & Ji-su … KB Leading in 13 – Kookmin Ilbo

KB Star's Park Ji-soo (21), a national treasure center of Basketball Football Club, won the regular league title for 13 years by blocking the seven subsequent consequences of the Asan Bank Woori,

KB 71 to 65 won the game against the Bank of KEB Hana Bank Bucheon in the regular female basketball season 2018-2019 (WKBL) at the Cheongju Gymnasium on 3rd. With its profit, KB won a & # 39; the first regular league from the summer of 2006. This is the first time since the 2007/08 season with one league.

KB, one of the strongest candidates before the beginning of the season, was short spurred, a & # 39; Failure to strive to Woori bank early in season. However, on December 24, last year, following the impact of its Right Saving Bank, he held 13 mutual benefits and showed his position as a candidate for his / her. war. He also won five direct benefits (5 benefits and 2 losses) against the Woori Bank.

Park Ji-soo is behind the festival, which has just entered the third year of its first round. Park Ji-soo has 13.4 points and 11.6 recycled on average from the 3rd, and is in the 9th place in the league and third place in the revival. Shots block (1.8) is the only numbers. Not only is his real presence at Park Ji-su. It is also an unpredictable element of team power that enables scenes and passes a medium range. Jung Eun, which was a commentary on KBSN, explained "Park Ji-soo plays a good role to play for my other players by pulling out the big face while He's going to pass. After finishing the final season, she has heard that she has been equipped with knowledge and development as long as he is on the American women's basketball (WNBA).

Foreigners ahead Keira Thornton has been employing & Park Ji-its effect. Thornton, who had a good pace and strength, showed his score when he was in a position; struggling to get out of the team, the longest player, Park Ji-soo (198cm). Thornton clarified an average of 21.5 points of this season, making it the highest league player in the league and building a powerful twin tower with Park Ji-su. "Thornton is a gambler with a lot of explosive play when he is in great pleasure," he said.

I can not fail the Guard Yuna post and KB Kang Gi-jeong licensing application to submit a free agent agent by KB last year. Yoona, who does not do bad things, is a & # 39; believe in strong co-workers such as Thornton and Park Ji-soo, reducing the burden on scoring and his / her. retaining his position. 9.2 points, 5.3 concepts and 3.5 support. There was an average Kang-jung Local Shooter of two 3-point shots according to their game and showed a vital room.

KB's last challenge. Woori Bank and Samsung Life won their opponent match against her; winner. In particular, the Woori Bank, who has suffered three losses in last year's game, Looking forward to seeing it. KB is essential to build a new home at the same time as the construction of its winning winner; The first victory of the first warrior was revenge on the Woori Bank. Lee Hyun-woo,

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