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Petechiae with low visual flavor, Pterygium prevents defense protection;
The research team at Kyung-sun Lake, sung Baek Ji-sun, eye clinic at St Mary Yeouido's Hospital, 8477 people all

[한스경제=홍성익 보건복지전문기자] The level of pterygium & # 39 was; lower in domestic men with illnesses such as eyelid & # 39; the women.

Professor Na Kyung Sun
Professor Na Kyung Sun

There is Ptosis (ptosis) and 'pterygium'; As a result of routine congenital diseases, astronomy leads to astronomy. The ptosis (ptosis) affects the visual potential in the center as well as the high eyelid, which means the eyelid is high. Usually, Pterygium & # 39 will; beginning with the claws inside the eye, and the fluffy material rich in blood vessels develops into a triangular shape towards the center of the cornea outside the boundary between the conjunctiva and oats.

Although ptosis and pterygium are known to provide an incredible vision, this is the first time in Korea that ptosis is a protection that can affect pterygium.

There were 8477 adults (3685 males and 4792 females) enrolled in the 5th audit of the Health and Nutrition Audit from 2010 to 2012 in the survey. The connection between ptosis and pterygium.

The research team carried out clinical trials, interviews and ophthalmic shell lamp tests to ensure a disease or disease shortage in another area of ​​the eye. A statistical analysis was carried out to determine the presence of pterygium or the type and pterygium type and ptosis. A re-driving analysis was used to monitor the relationship between ptosis and pterygium.

Ptosis was found in 10.3% (381) of foreign countries and 9.8% (468) of women. In Cornish men the risk of pterygium was detected in connection with a reduction of 0.643 fold in the amount of ptosis. On the other hand, Korean women did not show a relationship between ptosis and pterygium.

The ptosis is a phenomenon that will cause damaging changes, so is closely connected to age. However, while age and other factors (BMI, smoking status, drinking, diabetes, hypertension) were corrected, the pterygium risk was more than twice as high in Chinese without phtosis.

Professor Na Kyung-sun (author of the writer), said, "If the eyelid is sagging, it can be claimed to reduce the fate of the pterygium due to the blockage of the eyelid which inhibits the ultraviolet rays. T entering the eye. " "More complex factors, such as reducing the way in which other female hormone factors, including pterygium, are perceived to be impaired on pterygium development are considered to be more complex."

Professor Baek Ji-sun (the first author) said, “ptosis can be a protective factor for pterygium development,” he said. Can be added to as a proactive idea in the neurosurgery of ptosis or neurosurgery pterygium. "

The results of the research were published in a March magazine of Seminars in Ophthalmology, a SCI magazine famous in the field of visual illness and treatment.

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